Living Near a Monastery!

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So you wanted to be a monk, or a nun, but God called you to married life. Not to worry! The next best thing to being a monk or nun, is living next to a monastery or convent.

The benefits of living in close proximity to religious are numerous. Imagine, waking up in the morning to the gently tolling bells, calling you to daily Mass in the stone-walled crypt church. Picture yourself visiting the grounds every other weekend to help them clear the land or build a fence. Sit in for Sunday evening Vespers and feel your spirits lifted with the heavenly voices of the nuns.

Learn about many vibrant religious orders, maybe one in your area.

Marriage 911 on Catholic Sistas

As one of the three Catholic Brothers on Catholic Sistas, I get to write a post from time to time. This one is a review of Greg and Julie Alexander’s book Marriage 911:

They chronicle their history together, starting as your “normal” secular couple who cohabitated before getting married, then down the path of destruction that selfishness and the world led them down, before finally seeing God’s outstretched hand and taking it.They pull no punches and discreetly but candidly share the reality of the bad decisions they made leading up to their resurrection.

Check it out then read the many good articles over there by the contributors!