Tower Defense Updated with Final Silverlight 2 Release

Newest version is up and supports the just-released-hours-ago Silverlight 2!

I woke up at 3:30 am this morning and was a bit dehydrated from playing soccer last night with the U12 boys team I coach; then I remembered that Silverlight 2 releases today, downloaded the released developer tools, rebuilt the game, fixed a cosmetic glitch, and boom goes the dynamite everything worked great!

Well, now it is almost 6 am, and we’re going to Mass at 7, so I might as well stay awake. 🙂

Your beta versions will prompt you to update to the released version when you next play the game; let me know if you run into new problems that break gameplay (which could be due to compatibility breakages between the beta and released versions and which I would need to find and fix).

Thanks for all your feedback and encouragement!