Navigate the Tiber for Free

I’m giving away three copies of my new book, Navigating the Tiber, and you’ve got one day left to enter the giveaway.

The book has been out for a few months and received an overwhelming positive response. People are calling it a spiritual sequel to The Protestant’s Dilemma, as it launches off from the pure apologetics into strategies, soft skills, and psychology when having conversations with your Protestant friends.

Soft Skills for Apologetics

In my fifteen years of being Catholic, I’ve realized that these soft skills in dialogue are just as important as knowing the apologetics data and arguments.

navigating_the_tiber_spotlightWe are human beings, with feelings, moods, and biases–not just human syllogism computing machines–hence the need for a book like Navigating the Tiber, that helps you understand how and why to make certain arguments when, that points out what your Protestant friend is thinking at various stages of dialogue, and to give you insight into your own thought processes and blind spots in regard to evangelization.

Free Paperback for You!

With this giveaway, I’ll be drawing three names randomly, but you can stack the odds in your favor by first entering the drawing, then in the confirmation email getting your lucky link (url) that you can share with others on facebook et cetera.

For every person who enters the giveaway through your lucky link, you will get three additional entries in the contest, greatly increasing your chance to win.

The book is already helping Catholics lead their Protestant friends into full communion. It’s worth the $14 that it costs even if you don’t win, but why not give it a shot and potentially get a free book!

How to Fish in the Tiber River

My new book Navigating the Tiber is a master guidebook to leading your Protestant friends and family into the Catholic Church.

But a guidebook that simply gives you a fish is of limited usefulness, so instead, the book teaches you how to fish. What do I mean? Let’s delve into it!

Gone Fishing in the Tiber

crusTake a topic that comes up in Catholic-Protestant discussion like the Crusades. It would take an entire book to cover the Crusades in any depth. In fact, such books exist, and one that was written recently by Steve Weidenkopf is one of the best: The Glory of the Crusades.

So my chapter on handling the Crusades in dialogue with your Protestant friend focuses on the core points you need to know, summarized in just a few pages, while pointing you to Steve Weidenkopf’s excellent book in case you need to go deeper.

If Only Sola Scriptura Were True!

The Apostasy that Wasn't
The Apostasy that Wasn’t

Sola Scriptura–the Bible alone–is a central difference between Protestants and Catholics. I take apart the sola and the scriptura part in a few chapters but then direct you to Dave Armstrong’s handy tome, 100 Biblical Arguments Against Sola Scriptura, if you need more ammunition or the discussion gets into greater depth.

Several times in the book I give you an answer but then tell you how to search for that answer yourself: what sites to go to? which phrases to google? in order to find answers to more questions that I don’t necessarily cover.

Jumping Off Points

Navigating the Tiber covers the wide spectrum of topics that come up in discussion with Protestants, so for each one I give you a way to go deeper into the waters if need be:

I recommend these and several other books throughout the guide, helping you to know when you need to avail yourself of more information, depending on the particular Protestant you are speaking with and where the discussion is going.

Navigating the Tiber is the one book I would hand to a fellow Catholic who is friends with Protestants and wants to engage in dialogue with them, or is already doing so.

I will teach you to fish in the Tiber with it and pull up your net for a catch!