“Dogma is the Killer of True Spirituality”

Sing it with me: Delilaaaahhhhhh

…and other inanities.

That’s the title of my first guest post over at the awesome new blog Catholic Sistas! Here’s an excerpt:

But let’s step back and understand the intention behind his claim. The idea is that “true spirituality” is one that comes from inside a person, perhaps even something they uniquely have imagined or come to believe, rather than a belief that some religious institution–perhaps the Catholic Church–teaches is true.

Religion is bad; spirituality is good. I heard the same thing the other night on a radio station that plays Delilah’s love songs. Delilah, in all her pop culture wisdom, said something to the effect of: “spirituality unites; religion divides.”

So you may have figured out that I’m not a “sista” and wondered what the heck I’m doing blogging with a gaggle of women. It’s quite simple really; I’m friends with Martina, the admin for the site, and she graciously invited me to make an occasional post, I guess to provide some modicum of masculine balance to the unstoppable power of forty Catholic bloggeresses!

Well, I’ll do what I can.

In the meantime, read my post and then read a bunch of the Catholic Sistas!