Are You a Psyched Up Catholic?

A small group of Catholic psychology-focused peopleĀ just started a new blog:!

Ed and Matt are taking the good things (while leaving the bad) from the study of psychology and applying them to our Catholic Faith. This is a noble endeavor, because in large part psychology has been a secular field divorced from religious faith.

psy1I’ve noticed a difficulty in finding or recommending a Catholic psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist when people have asked me for help (which happens fairly often since I am public about struggles I’ve had with depression, disordered anxieties, and panic attacks). It’s an area we Catholics need to baptize with the light of faith, and that is what Ed and Matt are already doing.

The fact is that thereĀ are helpful things to mine out of psychology, ideas and therapies and truths that can be of substantial aid to people in mental distress. These guys at are digging those gems out of the rock and presenting them to us for consideration: check it out!