Fr. Frank Pavone Describes Common Abortion Procedures

Warning: Fr. Frank describes using a model how abortionists kill and remove the baby in second trimester abortions and quotes the abortionists themselves; it is rightfully disturbing.

Fr. Frank started Priests for Life, a group of priests and lay persons dedicated to ending the abortion holocaust; he explains the purpose of these videos and the call to take action in the upcoming election here.

If the German people knew what was happening in the “work camps”, would they have allowed it to continue? I pray not, and neither should we allow this horror to continue in our country.

Women deserve better than abortion.

Majella Banquet!

It’s been a full past few days.

The Majella Society banquet was last night, and it went great, thanks be to God!

We ended up getting to host 2 tables, each with 10 guests, which surprised us because the second table came together in just the week or two before the event. Thank you to all our friends who honored us by being our guests at the banquet.

Drew Mariani from Relevant Radio was the emcee and was interesting and engaging; Laura Ingraham gave the keynote, which started out with about 10 minutes of sharp political commentary aimed at the Democratic candidates’ firm support of abortion at all stages of human life.

She mentioned the recent CNN “Compassion Forum” where both candidates were asked if life begins at conception: Hillary said that the “potential for life” begins at conception; Obama said he didn’t know when life began but also used the phrase “potential life”.

Scientifically, we know life begins at conception–not the potential for life, but life–and since the Majella Society’s purpose is to give good choices to women who are pregnant with a child and afraid, Ms. Ingraham’s comments on this particular matter were well-placed.

She bashed Earth Day a good bit which was unnecessary I thought; yes there are fanatics who want to save the whales but kill human beings, but it is right and good to steward the environment, so a bit more nuance was called for on this matter, I think.

Eventually she segued into the dignity of human life and what American freedom means: not license to do whatever you want, but the freedom to choose the good. She quoted and referenced Pope Benedict’s speeches last week several times, which was both surprising and cool. I don’t know if Ms. Ingraham is Catholic or not, but she was quite impressed with the Pope and his discourses on the foundations of our country, the sanctity of human life, and the importance of faith and reason.

We had a great time with our friends and got to introduce many to one another, which is wonderful. Also, the desserts were top-notch!

May God bless the Majella Society in their efforts to help women who find themselves pregnant, scared, and feeling like they have only one choice.