An Amazing Haven for Young Women in Crisis Pregnancies

My wife and I are long-time supporters of Annunciation Maternity Home, and this year we are raising donations through Amplify Austin, a 24-hour day of giving to non-profits throughout Central Texas starting March 5 at 6pm. My goal is to raise $2,500 for the Home, and to do this I need your help!


If you’ve never heard of Annunciation, they are a nationally accredited maternity home in Georgetown, TX providing young mothers experiencing a crisis pregnancy with housing, educational opportunities, access to healthcare, job assistance, childcare, counseling, and more. Mothers and their babies can stay for up to two years, and they can house up to 26 mothers in their three homes!


We’ve been supporting Annunciation for many years. Imagine you were a young woman, even a teenager, and found out you were pregnant. You were being pressured by boyfriend and family to have an abortion, yet you refused to do it. As a result, you were kicked out of your home and have nowhere to go. This story is unfortunately common, yet young women in these situations have few places where they can go, be safe, get schooling, have their baby, and then stay for two years until they can find a good place to live and a good job or college.


You can help me by scheduling your online donation today, or making an online donation anytime between 6pm March 5 to 6pm March 6. Here is a link to my personal fundraising page, where you can make or schedule your donation:


Donations made to Annunciation on Amplify Austin day will be used in the housing program, helping each mother and baby have a safe, stable home and healthy nutrition, so each mom can focus on her educational, workforce, and parenting opportunities.

Please consider a donation to help this amazing place!

The Definitive Pro-Life Apologetics Book

Just when I thought that not much more could be said in the pro-life/pro-choice debate, Trent Horn delivers a clear and incisive guide book to discussing pro-life issues with friends and strangers.

Persuasive Pro-Life is the definitive book to buy to help you understand the strongest and most popular pro-choice arguments and be able to adeptly and charitably counter them.

Horn discusses these arguments in detail and demonstrates why they do not hold water, but just as importantly he explains the various mindsets of the people who believe these faulty positions to be true.

trenhornLet’s face it: pro-abortion arguments are weak. Science and philosophy both show how untenable they are. But that fact has not stopped millions of people from accepting the pro-abortion position. So it is crucial to not just know the counter-arguments but also the way to interact and respond to such people, so that, by God’s grace, they can see the error of their views.

Abortion is such a contentious and sensitive topic. People quickly fall into hysterics about it if not dealt with very carefully. Horn has been engaging pro-abortion people for years on these issues and is an expert on them. Persuasive Pro-Life is a book you want to get to arm yourself with a deep understanding of how to handle dialogue with pro-choicers.