Poisonous Fruit From Christian Disunity

Warning: This post contains political as well as religious commentary.  If you just can’t take anymore, I understand completely.  I could barely finish writing it myself.

Question Set 1:

What church does Sen. McCain attend?
Answer: I have no idea.

What about Obama?  Well, he used to go to Trinity United Church of Christ but then of course left it during the campaign after Rev. Wright’s sermons became public.  I don’t know where he goes now.

VP-elect Biden: Roman Catholic Church of course.

Gov. Palin: Some Pentecostal one I think?

Question Set 2:

What are the moral teachings of each of the above public officials’ churches and does each one follow those church’s teachings?

McCain: I don’t know on either part.
Obama: His old church’s moral teachings are opposed to traditional Christian moral teachings, and he seems to follow these heterodox beliefs.
Biden: The Catholic Church’s moral teachings are easy to find and well-known (or “infamous” in many circles), and Biden doesn’t follow these teachings on the non-negotiable issues.
Palin: I don’t know what her church teaches but it probably has traditional teachings which she seems to follow.

So there are two potential problems that can happen when a person, in this case these prominent leaders, tries to form their intellect in the moral truths of Christ:

1. Their church community has gone off the rails in a big or small way and thus doesn’t teach the truth, and
2. Their church community does teach the truth but the person doesn’t follow it

Either one can catch a person, or both can; the result is that the person believes things that are not true or doesn’t believe things that are true, and then they make decisions on a daily basis off their erroneous formation.

Both are bad.  In the first case, we have Obama following teachings that lead to his support of same-sex unions (and in effect, “marriage”, but that’s another blog post coming soon), embryo-destructive research, abortions for any and no reasons whenever and wherever and funded by tax dollars, etc., which all directly contradict traditional Christian moral principles and the natural law.

But, we have grown so accustomed in our country to Christian disunity on so many issues, that now we barely bat an eye when someone believes and does such evil things and still claims to be a Christian.

In the second case, we have only Biden of the four leaders who has taken the curious position of calling himself a Catholic while rejecting what it means to be a Catholic!  This somewhat incredible situation is also so common to us that we don’t even think twice about it most of the time.

Even when Biden (joining Sen. Pelosi) has the unmitigated gall to contradict his bishop’s correction and the Church’s clear teachings, we yawn, and hey, we even elect the man to be the Vice President of the United States.

My point is less political and more a call to Christians to recognize that the disunity amongst us has had horribly deleterious consequences; this can’t be what Christ desires, so we must pray, think, and act to become unified in the truth.

This blog isn’t dedicated to that mandate from Christ, but Mr. Cross’ blog is, and others are as well.

May Christ give us the grace to overcome the divisions between us and unite as one Church, believing and serving the Truth in its fullness!