Adult Stem Cell Success Upon Success

From the Family Research Council blog, which has been tracking the successes of adult stem cells and has new posts just about every week with huge breakthroughs that are helping tens of thousands of people: Induced Pluripotent Cells (iPS), a relatively new type of adult stem cell, are now being created from human hairs.

There is no need for embryo-destructive research when we have these adult stem cells: no need to kill innocent human persons at the first days of their life, no need to waste more billions of dollars of our money on research that is both immoral and ineffective.

Just as a reminder, the embryo destructive stem cells touted by Sens.  Biden and Obama have helped 0 people (zero).

Adult stem cells have helped untold numbers already, with over 70 treatments for diseases like sickle-cell anemia-once impossible to cure.