Rachel Held Evans, Feminists, and Abortifacients

Children are a gift from God

(This post is for future linking to when someone denies the abortifacient effect of contraception, especially Ella et. al.)

A new being of species homo sapiens comes into existence at conception.

The “emergency contraception” drug Ella works in multiple ways, one of which is preventing that new human person, an embryo, from implanting in the uterine wall.

That kills the human being and is therefore immoral.

I’ve been over at Rachel Held Evans’ blog arguing with people over whether Ella (and other “contraception”) can work as abortifacients. They have challenged me multiple times on this subject, denying that Ella is an abortifacient.

But in fact it is, as Dr. Harrison lucidly explains here:

But the critically important question is what happens when you take Ella after ovulation. And the answer is clear. Ella blocks the action of progesterone at the level of the ovary, and blocks the action of progesterone at the endometrium, both of which interfere with implantation…

The European Medical Association technical review articles state that Ella is embryocidal. That means that Ella kills embryos….One of the Advisory Committee members repeatedly pointed out to the manufacturers that there was no way the effectiveness of Ella could be explained by delaying ovulation alone. This fact does not take an FDA Advisory Committee member to figure out. If Ella works even when a woman takes it after ovulation, then of course it doesn’t work in that woman by preventing ovulation.

And Obama’s HHS mandate forces Catholics to pay for these drugs. As Sebelius admitted (while thinking she wasn’t admitting it):

The Food and Drug Administration has a category [of drugs] that prevent fertilization and implantation. That’s really the scientific definition. So it’s unfortunate there are some folks who continue to debate the science around fertility and what drugs do and do not do. These covered prescription drugs are specifically those that are designed to prevent implantation. They are contraceptives, they are not abortion pills.

She admit these drugs prevent an embryo, a tiny human being, from implanting. That kills the baby. Then she moronically says that they are not abortion pills.

The point? Christians, I urge you, do not use these drugs to kill your babies. Don’t do it! Seek to learn fertility awareness, like the Creighton model, and seek to see children as gifts and not as something that will mess up your life.

Expect to be Hated: Contraception and Culture

Ark of Civilization: St. Benedict and Monte Cassino

I’ve watched the battle over the government’s contraception mandate with pensive concern. And we may win this round…or not. But either way, this fight is just the latest symptom of the deep rot that is eating our culture from the inside out. And that rot shows little sign of being cured, so I expect much more of this in the years and decades to come.

So should we fight against this immoral mandate? Absolutely. And bully for our bishops and everyone both Catholic and non-Catholic who is doing so. But don’t expect to win the war, not without a miracle that reverses the decline of our culture, caused by the decline in our collective Christian faith.

I’ve been reading through the gospel of St. John, my favorite by far, and just encountered these verses:

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. 20 Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also (Jn 15:18-20).

We are not greater than Jesus. The world hated him. It will hate us. And we are seeing it happen now. Contraception is a no-brainer for most Americans: “everyone” uses it, they think, and they’ve never heard any argument against it. We are pariahs to them for calling it wrong.

In this respect I agree with Dr. Taylor Marshall’s post:

If you read the ancient accounts of the martyrs, these heros of the Faith never appeal to “religious freedom” so as to gain protection from the state. They supernaturally perceived the events as a war between the City of God and the City of Man. It is the battle of enmities between the Woman and the primordial Serpent. A truce was inconceivable.

When Christ commissioned the Holy Apostles, did he ask them to seek to be tolerated by the world? Should we grovel before the judges and seek a tolerated place at the table? Has that ever worked in Church history?

No, Christ came proclaiming a kingdom and the prophet Daniel foretold how the Son of Man’s Kingdom would overcome all the kingdoms of this world….I don’t want an America where Catholicism is tolerated. I want an America where natural law and natural rights are observed and the reign of Christ the King is publicly acknowledged.

Amen. I’ve been arguing, at times against my better judgment, in the combox of Rachel Held Evans blog here for the natural law. But it was misunderstood as meaning the law of the jungle or the law of the animal kingdom. People do not even know what natural law is anymore. We have come to a point in our country’s mentality where most people think that others should be compelled to pay for their contraception and abortion drugs!

This is the Long Defeat that Tolkien wrote about in The Lord of the Rings. So while I agree we should do what we can to stem the tide that is threatening to wash us out to sea–just as St. Thomas More did what was in his power to avoid execution, without renouncing his faith–we must also realize that our battle is not with earthly rulers but with principalities and powers of a different kind.

For my part, and I know not everyone can do this, I am looking to buy a little land, build a small home on it, and seek to be able to provide for much of my family’s basic needs through it. Not to check out of the world, but to be an ark of civilization that, like the monasteries were in the fifth and sixth centuries when the Roman Empire crumbled, carries the Christian culture like a seed to be planted again when the current storms are over. That may happen in my lifetime, or maybe not. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or doom-sayer. I plan to keep working as I am able in whatever capacity I can, but to be better prepared to care for my family in the coming decades.

Be not afraid! Christ said it. John Paul II echoed it. Take heart, for Jesus has overcome the world, even if we have trouble while in it.