Blogs to Follow Friday: Just a Catholic

My blog pick of the month is Shane Kapler’s Just a Catholic site.

Shane and I recently began corresponding, and I’ve really been enjoying reading his writings. I love the fact that his niche is spiritual/devotional rather than apologetics, a nice complement to what I usually focus on. For example:

Jesus is the Shepherd that we turn to for direction.  I feel so incredibly grateful to Him to opening my eyes to the destination I am being led toward – eternal life with Him; and I’m grateful that no matter how confusing the events of life get, He keeps redirecting my eyes toward the goal of the journey.

Moments of grief and depression come, but in His mercy, Jesus has always put my eyes back on the prize and given me the assurance that He is a good enough shepherd to help me navigate through the present trouble and deliver me Home.  My heart broke for those who have yet to recognize Jesus’ identity as their Shepherd – how hard it would be to face life without the overarching conviction that there is a Destination to be sought and a Shepherd who wants to intervene to bring you there.

He’s also written a well-received book, The God Who is Love: Explaining Christianity from Its Center. I’m looking forward to Shane’s new project, the details of which are still under wraps. In the meantime, head over and say hi to Shane!

Blogs to Follow Friday: Ecumenical Orthodox Guy

Aka Timothy Flanders, aka Pater Noster, aka quiesincaelis.

What is this Timothy: Latin, Greek, Arabian? 🙂

Seriously, Timothy is a convert from Protestantism to Eastern Orthodoxy and posts on ecumenical topics, hoping to help heal the schism with the Catholic Church. My kind of guy!

Timothy and I have gotten to know each other over the past year or so. I appreciate his irenic tone and thoughtfulness. He doesn’t give Orthodoxy a free pass…nor the Catholic Church. That’s good. Both our Churches need to critically examine our attitudes in addition to the historical events and theological issues.

So swing on over and say hi to Timothy!