Navigate the Tiber for Free

I’m giving away three copies of my new book, Navigating the Tiber, and you’ve got one day left to enter the giveaway.

The book has been out for a few months and received an overwhelming positive response. People are calling it a spiritual sequel to The Protestant’s Dilemma, as it launches off from the pure apologetics into strategies, soft skills, and psychology when having conversations with your Protestant friends.

Soft Skills for Apologetics

In my fifteen years of being Catholic, I’ve realized that these soft skills in dialogue are just as important as knowing the apologetics data and arguments.

navigating_the_tiber_spotlightWe are human beings, with feelings, moods, and biases–not just human syllogism computing machines–hence the need for a book like Navigating the Tiber, that helps you understand how and why to make certain arguments when, that points out what your Protestant friend is thinking at various stages of dialogue, and to give you insight into your own thought processes and blind spots in regard to evangelization.

Free Paperback for You!

With this giveaway, I’ll be drawing three names randomly, but you can stack the odds in your favor by first entering the drawing, then in the confirmation email getting your lucky link (url) that you can share with others on facebook et cetera.

For every person who enters the giveaway through your lucky link, you will get three additional entries in the contest, greatly increasing your chance to win.

The book is already helping Catholics lead their Protestant friends into full communion. It’s worth the $14 that it costs even if you don’t win, but why not give it a shot and potentially get a free book!

The Book of Hebrews is Catholic

Just ask Shane Kapler.

Hebrews is one of the most interesting and challenging books of the New Testament.

  • Protestants use it to claim Catholicism is disproven
  • The book’s authorship has been debated for thousands of years
  • The book was not accepted as Scripture in many places for hundreds of years
  • Martin Luther, while thinking it a fine book, put it in his infamous appendix to the “truly inspired” books of the NT

Hebrews Is Catholic

Shane Kapler has done us a great service that rebuts the first bullet point. In his new book, The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Seven Core Beliefs of Catholics, Kapler illuminates this challenging book and demonstrates how it actually supports the distinctive doctrines of the Catholic Church!

Specifically, Kapler shows how the book is harmoniously interpreted to support the doctrines of:

  1. The Holy Trinity
  2. Jesus’ full humanity
  3. The Word of God (both written and unwritten)
  4. Salvation
  5. The communion of saints
  6. The Eucharist
  7. The authority of the Church’s ordained leaders

For example, taking the seventh doctrine of authority of Church leaders, Hebrews 13:17 says:

Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls and will give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with sighing—for that would be harmful to you.

What’s fascinating about this passage is the problem it presents for Protestants.

corebelWho, exactly, are the Church leaders under Protestantism that should be obeyed and submitted to? This is far from an idle question: it is instead a dilemma for Protestants that is unanswerable.

Is the pastor at First Baptist someone I must submit to? What if I leave because I think he’s wrong about X doctrine, and instead I go to Second Baptist?

Or is the Methodist pastor the legitimate authority the Bible commands me to submit to? Or the Presbyterian one? Which Presbyterian denomination? Or maybe it’s the Anglicans, or one of the splits from the Anglicans? Or maybe you start your own church and now you are a leader people have to submit to!

This passage alone from Hebrews demonstrates the impossibility of Protestantism to be God’s design, for there is no way to follow this clear directive found in Scripture.

Deep Learning

I am always amazed by the scholarship and insights that Shane Kapler has in his books. He has done powerful research and made it accessible to the Catholic layman by explaining in plain language how Hebrews is Catholic.

In particular Kapler delves into the deep Jewish roots that lie beneath the teachings of Hebrews and shows how they perfectly square with Catholicism’s teachings. I’ve been dimly aware of some of these connections but, like a book by Scott Hahn, Kapler maps them all out with great clarity and depth.

Just this week I was asked a series of questions by one of my readers about the book of Hebrews and the often confusing study notes in the New American Bible on key passages. The answer was simple: buy Kapler’s new book on the Epistle to the Hebrews and all those questions are solved. Done, son!

Proven Catholic: Evangelize Protestants Is Live!

The cart is open and you can finally enroll in Proven Catholic: Evangelize Protestants.

Proven Catholic Evangelize ProtestantsThis is my brand new course that distills down hundreds of hours of real world experience, dialogues, books, and debates on how to lead Protestants into the Catholic Church.

If you’re looking to buy it asap, simply:
* Go here
* Click Enroll

I’m excited to join YOU and in a personal way help you become a Proven Catholic apologist.

Check out the video here to get a quick overview of what is included in the course.

What’s In It?

After taking this course, you are going to be able to:
* Rebut a renowned Protestant pastor and his many followers
* Rebut a Protestant scholar on the most fundamental issue of authority regarding the canon of Scripture
* Understand the reasons Protestant reject Catholicism and how to show them their errors
* Understand the truth of the Catholic Faith and be able to share it with others

Bring those Protestants friends home! It’s time.

I’m going to give a sneak preview of what’s in the video portion of the course:

  • The Church!
    • The Early Church
    • Christ Founded a Visible Church
    • The Church Has Three Attributes
    • Heresies and Ecumenical Councils
    • The Four Marks of the Catholic Church
    • The Early Church Was Catholic
  • Scripture and Tradition
    • Scripture and Tradition Overview
    • Scripture in the Church
    • Tradition and Apostolic Succession
    • Making a Cannon Out of the Canon of Scripture
  • Catholicism vs. Protestantism
    • Overview of Catholicism vs. Protestantism
    • Origins of the Protestant Schisms: The Reformers
    • Core Protestant Heresies: The Bible Alone and Faith Alone
    • Defending the Papacy!
    • God Chose Mary, and We Do Too
    • Sacraments: Baptism and Eucharist
    • Sacraments: Anointing of the Sick, Confession, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders
    • Why the Catholic Canon is True
    • Explaining Indulgences and Purgatory

I cover all these topics, the essentials, demonstrating the shortest, most powerful path to leading your Protestant friends to Catholicism using the arguments.

Testimonials, Timeframe

The course will only be open for six days, then I will close it to signups. I am doing this so that I can go through the course with this first batch of students.

ProvenCatholicLogoP.S. Several months ago, while I was still building the course, I invited a handful of people to go through it and give me their feedback.

Here is what one student said:

What I found most valuable in this course is the fact that its creator, Devin Rose, has made it very accessible to the average Catholic. Devin has brought to this course his experience of laying down the case for our faith in a way that’s amiable but firm in its presentation of the truth. The choice of topics, the accompanying videos and ebook and the discussion group that come with this course also make it a course I wholeheartedly recommend.

He has provided a foundation to allow us to continue to grow in our love and knowledge of the Faith. If you want to learn and become a better witness of the Catholic faith to our fallen world, allow Devin Rose to be that guide that leads you to a deeper love for our Lord Jesus Christ in the Church that He has established, His Catholic Church.

Sign up today!