devinspeakThanks for inquiring about me coming to speak at your parish or event! I’ve spoken to many different groups on a range of topics and really enjoy meeting people at them.

I’m a regular speaker on Catholic radio, at parishes, and have been interviewed by Marcus Grodi on The Journey Home TV show.

Most Popular Topics

Could Protestantism Be True?

Catholic Men Conquer Porn Addiction

How to Help Your Protestant Friends Consider Catholicism

  • Wisdom from hundreds of conversations, dialogues, and arguments I’ve had with Protestants
  • I guide you through the most effective way to present arguments one-by-one
  • Draws from my upcoming Catholic Answer’s book, Navigating the Tiber

Email me at devinsrose@gmail.com to schedule a date to come and speak at your event!

Other topics I’ve spoken on:

  • Holy Catholic Fatherhood
  • Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium, and Apostolic Succession


$2000 for one talk
$2500 for two talks
$3000 for three talks

Travel: Air travel and/or other transportation is covered by the parish or sponsoring group. I live near Austin, Texas.

Food and Lodging: Accommodations are covered by the parish or sponsoring group. (I’m happy to stay at someone’s house, provided they are coffee drinkers.)

Book table: I will supply my books and am happy to sign them for people after each talk. It is helpful to have a person from the parish or sponsoring group to staff the book table during the talks or event.

Email me at devinsrose@gmail.com to schedule me to come speak!