It Just Doesn’t Add Up

You may have heard lately about the request of Pope Benedict to the Legionaries of Christ to abolish their “private vows”, by which members of the order bind themselves to avoid criticism of their superiors.  I don’t know particulars of the situation, nor is there any official word from the Vatican and the Legionaries.  It’s a little bewildering, but, as a member of Regnum Christi, I welcome this decision of the Holy Father, for whom we profess great love and obedience.

Sadly, though, this situation is eliciting meanness from some people who appear to have been hurt in the past by men within the Legionaries or people in Regnum Christi.  I am very sorry for their pain and don’t know what has happened to give them such vehement anger.

Naturally, this new edict from the Holy Father is making me wonder if there really is a huge problem with the Legionaries, as some have suggested.  But, try as I might, I can’t see any big monsters hiding in the closet.  Continue reading It Just Doesn’t Add Up

Pure Fashion Hungary!

I received this lovely e-mail, and was so inspired! It’s encouraging to hear about the evangelization efforts of Catholics throughout the world, even in Hungary. Enjoy:

“Dear All!

It is so good to see how many of us is working on HIS KINGDOM!!!

We send the heart of the Hungarian Pure Fashion team to be with you! We are doing quite well with our first year. We already reached some publicity. God is really holding us on his palm, because we are staring to have the first fruits of this mission! We started our website (at the moment it is only Hungarian, but we will have also an english version.) If you are interested how we are doing in a little country in the heart of Europe, come and see. We are small (yet…), but the mustard seed is also small. We will do as the mustard seed does: grow in faith for the Glory of our God!
There is no bigger gift for Christmas of that God has given us: HIS SON!

“Rejoice, rejoice oh daughter of Sion! Rejoice, rejoice, oh daughter of Jerusalem, for thy King is cometh unto thee!”

We wish you all Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

The Hungarian Pure Fashion Team : Lilla, Judit, Zsofi and many more…”