Donna Lewis at Home Depot

I recently picked up a CD by Donna Lewis at Half Price Books. You can read more about Donna Lewis’ songs on my personal site. Much to my surprise, I went into Home Depot this weekend and did a double take when I heard a song start playing, “Without Love”. I like the song a lot, but it is not her most popular one, nor is it a very “Home Depot-ish” kind of song, in my opinion.
Along a similar vein, I always enjoy the songs they play at the local Fire Bowl Cafe. They usually have quite a few good 80s songs that I like.

Equal Distribution of Resources

At Mass yesterday, during the prayers (intercessions?), the priest prayed “that the resources of our nation will be equally distributed amongst all people”. He said some other things with that prayer before saying “We pray to the Lord”, but that part of it bothered me. I don’t think it is Catholic teaching that all resources be equally distributed to all people. That sounds more like socialism to me than anything else. Ideas?