Holy League – Austin, Texas

We are a group of Catholic men near Austin, Texas answering Cardinal Burke’s call for a new Holy League to combat relativism, secularism, and the attacks against the family and Christ’s Church.

The original Holy League was formed in 1571 by Pope St. Pius V to combat the invasion of Europe by the Ottoman Turks. They won a stunning victory against tremendous odds, securing Europe against Islamic aggression for centuries.

Now it’s time for a new Holy League:

We meet at the St. William’s perpetual adoration chapel on the second Friday of each month, at 8 pm to 9 pm. We then go out to a breakfast place and eat food and talk. Come to just the adoration hour or to all of it.

It’s good fun, holy, and all the manly men are doing it. Sign up below to get reminders for when we meet and other important news related to the Holy League.