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Welcome to my site! I’m a Catholic author and lay apologist equipping Catholics to defend their faith, and helping Protestants fairly consider Catholicism’s claims.

I grew up militantly atheist, then suffered from an anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and depression during college and had a radical conversion to Christ. I entered full communion with the Catholic Church in 2001 and ten years later God called me to become an apologist.

Because I’ve been around the block religiously (and anti-religiously), I keep an even-keeled attitude and try to avoid polemics. My philosophy is to treat people with kindness, no matter what they believe.

I’m a full-time software developer writing programs to help scientists and engineers make your world better. I used to play lots of sports but am now a husband and father and don’t have time for it!

I blog at least three time each week, sometimes every weekday. Subscribe in a reader here, or via email here.

You can email me at devinsrose@gmail.com.
Find me on Twitter here (@DevinSRose).
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I make apologetics and evangelization videos, some humorous, on YouTube.

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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks be to God for the path he has walked with you so far and all His blessings on you, your family and your work! Thanks for your honesty and hope!

  2. Thank you for such a fast and thorough read in your book, If Protestantism is True. I just ordered two more copies.
    ( I believe you and your wife were in charge of Eucharistic Adoration sign ups a few years back at my church,St. L. I spoke with you several times.)
    May God bless and guide all of your endeavors.

  3. Although I’m not a Roman Catholic, I can see that you love our LORD. Your scholarship is top notch, and you show a great deal of kindness towards those who disagree with you. Keep up the great work that GOD has called you to.

    In CHRIST,


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