The Pragmatic Pro-lifer’s Case for Trump

Synopsis (tl;dr): Pro-life Catholics are not suckers for voting for Trump. A pragmatic case can be made for voting for him, in spite of his serious flaws. No such case can be made for Clinton. Voting for neither is also a good option.

The post is brought to you by Pray: the Catholic Novena app. Yes, our country is in dire straits; what better reason than to start praying a novena!

Two Bad Candidates

We’ve finally reached it America: an election with two heinously awful candidates.

Yet these were the two candidates the American people chose. They are the products of our falling empire and crumbling civilization. Given this reality, some Catholic pundits are lambasting pro-lifers as suckers and fools for saying they will vote for Trump, and even claiming that a vote for Clinton is better.

I consider myself a Catholic pro-lifer and have fought for pro-life laws and hearts and minds ever since becoming Catholic fifteen years ago. I opposed and oppose Trump and think he would not be a good president, but I do think there’s a case to be made for him over Clinton.

Myth: Republicans Have Done Nothing for the Pro-life Movement But Pay Lip Service

I live in Texas and we have passed many pro-life laws over the past decade that have done tremendous good. Republicans have pushed those bills through and Republican governors have signed them into law.

Having good judges and Justices is vitally important. The most recent defeat at the Supreme Court of the excellent Texas law demonstrates how unjust and devastating liberal activist judges are.

Democrat Presidents appoint these liberal activist judges while Republicans (usually) appoint solid judges who interpret the Constitution and don’t legislate from the bench.

The pragmatic case: Clinton would certainly appoint liberal activist judges and Justices while Trump has said he would appoint strict constructionists.

Even if Trump goofs because he is clueless on such matters, we at least get a sporting chance at pro-life judges. With Clinton we get certain doom, sealing the Supreme Court for decades and speeding the demise of our country, along with countless unborn babies.

Clinton is Lawful Evil and Trump is Chaotic Neutral.alignmentchart

Religious Liberty

Clinton will continue Obama’s despicable efforts to turn the screws against Christians on religious liberty. The HHS mandate is just the beginning of what could be coming next if Clinton gets elected.

The one argument here against Trump is that he has said he would take action against religious liberty for Muslims (e.g. monitor and shut down mosques where terrorism is preached). Shutting down a place (any place, Muslim or Christian or secular) where terrorism and hatred are fomented could be a legitimate action. Forcing Christians to violate their conscience and punishing them if they don’t is never legitimate.

Trump’s Conversions

Trump has been having lots of conversions lately: he was pro-choice, now he’s pro-life (somewhat); he was pro-pornography and lust now he signs something saying he’ll fight against it.

I don’t believe his conversions. I find them paper thin and all too convenient. Let him show fruits of repentance for ten years and I’ll believe it.

Reformed Protestant professor Wayne Grudem and Catholic apologist Steve Ray are more sanguine than I am about Trump and his conversions. I don’t share their optimism. Grudem calls Trump “a good candidate with flaws” but I would call him a bad candidate with one or two positive points.

A Third Party Vote Helps Clinton

Many are saying this: “be a realist, not an idealist! Voting for a third-party is just like voting for Clinton!”

I disagree. When you are given two bad options it is legitimate to choose neither and vote for someone else.

Clinton is the most awful candidate I can imagine running for President. Under no circumstances would I ever vote for her, and I would encourage everyone to not vote for her. If she is elected she will do tremendous harm to our country.

Trump is a showman and playboy. He is not fit to be President. He supports evils like torture and is full of bombast. But he at least plans to have some good people around him and promises to make some good judicial appointments.

With eyes wide open, a pro-life Catholic can vote for Trump, in spite of his deep and grievous flaws. 

I  plan to vote third party, perhaps write in the Constitution Party candidate or the Solidarity Party one.

The post was brought to you by Pray: the Catholic Novena app. Yes, our country is in dire straits; what better reason than to start praying a novena!

13 thoughts on “The Pragmatic Pro-lifer’s Case for Trump”

  1. In almost 20 years living in Angelica, I’ve seen one presidential election after another with two heinously awful candidates. This time is more, much more of the same that the people just cannot pretend to not notice anymore.

    Vote TEXIT!

  2. 90% agreed. 🙂

    Even though I agree with you ideally, I feel constrained by the way our election system works to avoid a third party “conscience vote” at this time. The only people interested in voting third party are conservatives – namely, the only people who can keep the witch out of the White House. The only reason her hubby won in the early 90’s was because a popular third party drained the conservative voting bloc. Yet even with a nearly 20% popular vote, Perot won zero actual states because of the EC. No one on the ballot today is even close to his level of popularity.

    I simply don’t think a third party can win this one – all they can do is weaken the conservative movement. Maybe next voting season America will have learned its lesson and a strong (and I mean STRONG) third party will arise and have a chance. But right now, we’re in a war for survival. “Clinton A” was bad, “Clinton B” would be a God-awful disaster.

    1. While I agree with these points, voting for Trump communicates approval of the party’s endorsement of him. Voting for a third party sends the message to the Republican Party that they need to pull their act together. I can’t see the political tide turning in the Republican Party unless they receive a humiliating defeat.

  3. You can’t mean that! A vote for a third party candidate or not voting at all practically assures election of Hillary Clinton. We’ve heard some say they’ll hold their noses and vote for Trump. Good reasons to vote for Trump: (1) he chose a really good man for vice president, (2) he has said he will surround himself with experienced smart people, (3) he has already submitted a list of proposed Supreme Court nominees. No. 3 may be the most important reason — too long we have had justices making law rather than ruling on issues based on the Constitution. How many more babies have to die with the help of our tax dollars?

  4. A thought provoking article. Well done. A lot more could have been said about social justice issues, stagnant wages, and the growing inequality and unfair tax system but Life issues trump (pardon the pun) all those.
    I am reconsidering.

  5. Keep up the great work Devin!

    I too was considering 3rd party and having a hard time making the case where I could ever vote for Trump. However, I came to the conclusion that in our current reality it’s akin to the “any public money given to planned parenthood won’t fund abortion.” Wherein reality, we know that it’s just a shell game and it frees up those same amount of dollars in their other budgets to then pay for abortions.

    A 3rd party vote may not go directly to Hillary, (and it surely is a moral alternative) but it does seem to be a shell game that gets her a vote closer.

  6. A few things I’d like to point out:

    (1) We didn’t “choose” Trump or Hillary. The NYTimes had an article out the other day that broke down the numbers: 300 million people in America. 100 million are under voting age; 100 million adults don’t vote in the primaries; and 100 million voted in the primaries. So only 1/3 of America even voted in the Primaries. Of the 100 million who voted, this was split roughly 50/50 between Democrat and Republican. Within each of those camps, Trump and Hillary got about 50% of the vote, meaning 25 million people voted for Trump on the Republican side and 25 million voted for Hillary on the Democrat side. Well, doing the math, 25 out of 300 is about 9% of the population voting for Trump and another 9% voting for Hillary. So your response should be “I am the 91%”.

    (2) A similar thing happens during the elections as well. About 45% of eligible voters don’t vote on November 2nd. So only 55% of eligible voters actually elect the president (about 100 million people), and given that the election is usually a pretty close race, that means only 28% of eligible voters (84 million of 300 million total citizens) actually elect the winning candidate.

    (3) The majority of SCOTUS judges who voted in favor of Roe and in favor of Casey (1992) were Republican appointed. The Republicans on the *federal* level have paid lip service to the pro-life cause, and I recall Romney never mentioned abortion ever. I doubt Trump would do anything concrete for pro-life cause and this is just another gimmic, which by the way I think the Democrats use abortion as just as much of a gimmic, since regardless of who has been in the white house there have been 1 million abortions annually. If the issue was Slavery, you can bet there would be a State of the Union address, so why hasn’t there been a State of the Union address to stop abortion? Because abortion is the greatest gift the Catholic Church has ever given to the GOP.

    p.s. I don’t see a Subscribe Button anywhere.

    1. Nick! Longtime no chat. Good points made. The collective, royal “we” is that these two got the nominations, no matter the small percentages (which are indeed sad).

      Republicans have appointed many good judges and some good Justices. But sometimes they have not, and there is no guarantee Trump will. Clinton will surely appoint liberal activists.

      I removed the subscribe button but may bring it back. Thanks Nick!

  7. The biggest error in this argument is the assumption of what Trump will do. He has been a life-long Democrat until he decided to run for office. He knew he couldn’t and maybe didn’t want to compete with Clinton, so he changed his party in order to run. He didn’t change his values. Everything he has said in the last year is in opposition to everything he has said most of his life. He became a demagogue saying what he thought the Republican base wanted to hear. He is totally unpredictable as to what he will do in office. We know Clinton is liberal socially and is pro-choice. Unfortunately, so is Trump in reality. He’s as much a Democrat in his values as Clinton. He will NOT do all the things this article states that he will do. He has NO Christian values at all. His wife was a successful porn model (which Trump calls fashionable in Europe) and his children converted to Judaism because they had no Christian upbringing. This man who wrote this has made a sorry attempt to rationalize a situation he feels powerless to change. No matter which one wins the election, we will have a Democrat with liberal values in the oval office. It is painful, but a fact of reality. The best thing we can do politically, is focus on Congressional races and fervently pray.

    1. Joy you are actually in agreement with much of what I wrote. I don’t think Trump will do good things for certain, which is why I said he is chaotic. He may or may not do those good things. His “conversions” are paper thin. In spite of these facts, it is still possible to vote for him over an even more awful candidate like Clinton.

  8. When I was a delegate in the GA GOP I witnessed total disregard for the concerns and desires of delegates. The process seemed fixed and we delegates were just part of a dog n pony show. I feel that’s what elections and politics in America have been for a very long time. I feel they primarily serve as a distraction to a focus on prayer and service, the two most powerful culture-building tools we have. Something has to change at a level and depth that is beyond what can be analyzed by the talking heads on TV. To know what We the People in this Republic need to do in order to establish adherence to Natural Law as the foundation and anchor of all areas of civil society here, we must get on our knees in humble prayer and we must go out and serve Christ in the least of these more than any other use of our God-given time and energy. Jesus told us to seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be given us besides. He told us the priority is prayer (Mary at His feet, the Apostles in Gethsemane), and He gave us the Beatitudes, the feeding of multitudes by faith, and the foot-washing as our guide and examples. I’m not at all saying we shouldn’t participate in civil processes; no we must because we are part of that civil society. But there comes a point where we have to recognize that it has been co-opted systemically and that our civic duty must be informed and guided and empowered by The One who sees what’s really going on and has the power to make changes that we cannot possibly do by our own efforts, especially when we are being played by those who have so taken hold of most levels and areas of our civil govt and processes.

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