CONVINCE Your Friends of Catholicism

The Convinced movie is coming to Austin, and I challenge you to not only come to it but to bring a friend who is not convinced of Catholicism.

convinced documentary
Convinced documentary, Dr. Holly Ordway

Convinced is a documentary interviewing many converts to Catholicism, some from Protestantism, some from atheism or agnosticism. Yours truly is in it, sharing my own story of God rescuing me from anxiety, panic, and depression.

It’s a great opportunity to evangelize a friend to help demolish obstacles they have to believing in God and specifically becoming Catholic. Most of the converts had a heavy intellectual component to their conversions, so the documentary is more about plausibility, evidence, logic, and arguments over feelings.

You Convinced Me

It includes atheists with Ph.Ds, Protestant pastors who gave up everything to become Catholic (and saw their economic life ruined), and people like me who were cynics and skeptics.

Join us in Austin for the one-time showing of the movie!