Catholics Should Vote Cruz or Rubio Over Trump

Catholics should not vote for Donald Trump, and here are the top two reasons why.

1. Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Wrong on Planned Parenthood

In the debate a few nights ago, Trump spouted Planned Parenthood talking points, claiming they help millions of women with cancer screenings and that abortion is only 3% of their business.

In fact, both of those myths have been debunked. Abortion represents a large portion of their business, and only by counting an abortion as equal to handing out a condom do they come up with the 3% fiction.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t screen millions of women for breast cancer; they don’t do mammograms–not profitable to do so–but rather tell women to go the many county and community clinics to actually have the mammograms done.

Wrong on Health Insurance

In the debate he said he would break down barriers around states to get multiple insurance companies competing in each one.

Rubio and Cruz are better choices than Trump for Catholics
Rubio and Cruz are better choices than Trump for Catholics

Well, I live in Texas and in the past few years have had health insurance from: Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Aetna. They’ve already been competing for my medical insurance business, and guess what? They all stink in one way or another.

Simply thinking that having multiple insurance companies competing in a state (or across states) won’t stop the insane costs from continuing to rise every year.

The health insurance problem is much more difficult than he is aware of, and he offers a non-solution to the problem.

Clueless on Two Things, Clueless on Many More

If he’s clueless on these previous two issues, you can bet he is clueless on many more. And ignorance on important issues, such as he displays, is dangerous when that person is the President.

2. Trump Is a Hypocritical Fraud


He says he’s pro-life, but was quite recently pro-choice, including saying partial-birth abortions were okay.

Has he had a conversion? No. It is obviously a sham so he can appeal to Republican, especially Evangelical and socially conservative voters. His cluelessness on this issue makes his pro-life hypocrisy clear.


He doesn’t know how to pronounce 2 Corinthians. (Yes I’m aware that in some places or parts of the world people say “two Corinthians”, but Trump doesn’t fit into any of those niches.)

He tries to put money on the communion plate as it’s being passed around.

He answers a question from an Evangelical during an interview by saying that he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness.

He has bragged about his sexual conquests over many women and openly objectified them.

He doesn’t know the first thing about what it means to follow Christ, yet he hypocritically takes the “Christian” label.

Vote Cruz/Rubio Over Trump

A bad tree can’t produce good fruit.

Trump is a bad tree: bad roots, bad principles, and would produce bad fruit if elected President.

Business acumen will not make America great again, not when we are morally rotting at our core. A child could punch holes through his paper thin “solutions” to everything from immigration to healthcare.

Trump has shown himself to have the flimsiest of understanding on important issues. He shoots from the hip and misses completely.

Catholics must use their reason and inform themselves of the Church’s teachings when voting. Emotion alone is not sufficient, and can lead one astray. I understand the disgust with politicians, Republicans, Democrats, and the way our country has been going for decades, but a bombastic blowhard is not the solution.

Cruz or Rubio are much better alternatives. Yes they are more “establishment”–I don’t care how they are labeled–they at least each have some sane grounding in principles, morals, and reality.

Cruz and Rubio take their Christian faith seriously, unlike Trump. They have political experience and acumen, unlike Trump. They understand issues to a much deeper level, unlike Trump. Cruz and Rubio are more morally upright than Trump. Neither has been on Howard Stern, unlike Trump who gloried with the shock-jock in his lustful sins.

9 thoughts on “Catholics Should Vote Cruz or Rubio Over Trump”

  1. This may be absolutely crazy and probably impossible, but the only way to silence Donald Trump might be for Cruz and Rubio to join forced and supporters, one as the presidential candidate and the other for vice-president. Of course, a huge amount of ego vs humility would have to be resolved. Together their percentages are greater than Trump’s. If elected, and if they do a good job, they could reverse roles in 8 years. (Or maybe not.)

    1. The two of them SHOULD, definitely, team-up to be on the same ticket. And, as to who bows-out of the race, well, the Super Tuesday delegate math should be what decides that.

  2. Ted “carpet bombing” Cruz and Marco “children bomber” Rubio are not better Christians than Don “wall” Trump. What are they vying for, imprisonment at the Hague for war crimes?

    Politics already attracts the worst among the people, but every four years I’m reminded that the presidency attracts the psychopaths among the people.

  3. ….”and only by counting an abortion as equal to handing out a condom do they come up with the 3% fiction.”

    Respectfully, what does this mean?

    PP’s abortion business is primary. They admit they don’t do breast screenings (too much capital investment). They admit they do few pap smears. They hand out condoms. They hand out birth control pills, some of which have been proven to be low-dose, so their pill clients become abortion clients.

    They consort with pimps, prostitutes, child molesters to hide the real age of some of their under-age clients. They ‘educate’ impressionable students with lies to build a future abortion client base.

    They don’t do ultrasound except to size up the baby for the kill. They do not share the still u/s shot with the mother. (97% of women who see ultrasounds, keep their baby. So they don’t want to turn away business — even though that would cover “informed consent”. No moving ultrasounds, let alone 3-D ultrasounds. Too much capital investment. And, unneeded for their business purposes — which is NOT women’s health care, but to kill a child.

  4. Just because a candidate says some pro-life talking points for votes doesn’t make him good for president. Both Cruz and Rubio’s advocacy for further aggression and bombing in the middle east is antithetical to Catholic teaching. I believe a libertarian candidate may be the only real Catholic choice this year.

  5. If DT says he is “Pro-Life, then he’s pro life, who am i to judge his heart . Devin, you said that “America is rotting at its core”, Do you or anyone think that the next president is going to solve all these problems in 4 or 8 years. This article sounds like some “bible prophecy TV show” that DT is the Antichrist and were all going kerplunk if we vote for him. REMINDER CATHOLICS..” GOD HAS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS” …!!!!

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