Finally, a Great Book on Justification

Jimmy Akin has written a great book explaining justification, sanctification, and salvation.

The book is titled The Drama of Salvation: How God Rescues You From Your Sins And Delivers You to Eternal Life.

Ever since I became Catholic I’ve been wanting a book that would clearly lay out the Church’s teachings on justification and related topics, comparing and contrasting them to the various Protestant opinions on the subject.

Jimmy Delivers Freaky Fast

Well, it took fifteen years after my becoming Catholic, but the book is here.

dram1Akin discusses sin and our fall from righteousness, how Christ atoned for our sins and justifies us, whether justification is a one-time event or ongoing process, indulgences, faith and works, sanctification, and other essential topics.

In addition, Akin goes into detail explaining in layman’s terms the Church’s doctrines from the Ecumenical Council of Trent in the mid-1500s, the Council that responded to the Protestant errors on justification and salvation.

This portion by itself is hugely valuable, as those canons are misunderstood by most Protestants who read them, and additionally are difficult even for lay Catholics to parse because the language they used was theologically dense (and comes across as archaic to modern ears).

Protestants and Catholics alike will benefit from this book. Catholics will learn their Faith and Protestants will learn what the Catholic Church actually teaches on these subjects, instead of the long-held caricatures that Protestantism’s tradition has clung to for centuries.

The Drama of Salvation is an indispensable resource for all Catholics to have.

3 thoughts on “Finally, a Great Book on Justification”

  1. I just got my copy of the book last Saturday. It is hard to argue with the logic of Mr. Akin because he uses Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture so well.

    It is great to read Mr. Akin’s books and to listen to him on the radio. His website is also a great source of information.

    Keep up the great job, Mr. Akin.

  2. Would not surprise me a bit if this book is very thorough on the subject; typical Jimmy style. His ability to translate difficult theological concepts into layman’s terms is a gift of his.
    This will be one of those that I will be picking up sometime; a most definite.
    Thanks Devin.

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