Are You Ready to Share Your Wisdom With the World?

I want to tell you about something I made that can help you or a friend or family member change people’s lives.

Years ago I wanted to help people discover the Catholic Church. So I started blogging and sharing with them arguments for the Catholic Faith that I had read and learned during my time as a Catholic.

Slowly my audience grew, but often people asked me what book I would most recommend for a Protestant thinking about Catholicism. I gave them various recommendations–all great books–but none of them were the perfect book that I wished I had had to give to them.

I wanted to write that book, but I didn’t know the first thing about it! So I just started writing, and after several months I had a big heap of words that I thought might be made into a book. I pitched my idea to several Catholic publishers, and they all rejected me.

So I self-published!

writing2Self-publishing was new at the time, and I felt like a pioneer on an undiscovered landscape. I navigated the foreign terrain and self-published my book, If Protestantism is True. I made some blog posts about it and sent copies to friends to read and review.

Then a surprising thing happened: the book started getting more popular. Not Harry Potter popular, but selling perhaps ten copies per day, which for me was incredible. Amazon reviews started pouring in, most favorable, and people began writing me telling me the book had helped them to become Catholic.

What a great feeling!

That book went on to get completely redone and published by a Catholic publisher, and it has continued to help people, thanks be to God.

Over the years people asked me how I did it, and I told them that I wasn’t quite sure. Maybe I got lucky? Or had a special grace? Perhaps that is true, but in the time between then and now I studied how my book did well and how others have had similar success in changing people’s lives for Christ.

So I distilled that information and experience into an inexpensive video course that any Catholic can take!

Three of my friends were interested in learning how they could write a book in the areas they are passionate about–leading Catholic Bible studies, youth ministry, and apologetics to the Protestant churches of Christ denomination–so I created the course for them and recorded the videos so that any Catholic interested in helping others by writing a book could learn the key ingredients.

You can write a book and help others through it, but in this day and age it takes building your platform first, and in this course you learn how to do that, building an audience that is interested in your niche.

In the course you will learn how to:

  • Create a WordPress blog on an inexpensive hosting service
  • Build your greatest asset–your email list–using a free service
  • Learn best practices for choosing your niche and writing on your blog
  • Use social media strategically to grow your reach
  • Understand the simple ways to connect with Catholic publishers
  • Avoid the mistakes I made bumbling through ten years of blogging and rejections
  • See great examples of non-fiction book proposals to pitch to Catholic publishers
  • Negotiate the best royalty rate that you can
  • Understand your self-publishing options
  • Successfully self-publish your book (if you don’t find or want a publisher)

This is the ultimate guide to building your platform and becoming a Catholic author. So go check out the course intro video and the videos from the course I’ve made available for you to preview before you even sign up for it.

Perhaps you or a friend you know has wisdom or knowledge in a certain area of our Catholic Faith that others would benefit from? If so, please do share this with them!

So many Catholics have great riches to share in their wisdom and experience. Perhaps God is calling you or a friend to write a great Catholic book to bless people’s lives.