Seventh Day Adventism vs. Catholicism

curiouserLong delay since last post. We are selling our farm, buying a house in town, and I just changed jobs after 14 years! Oh, and I hurt my lower back again so sitting and writing at the computer has been painful.

In the meantime, I received this email challenge from a Seventh Day Adventist. Very respectful tone. I told him I probably would not have time to respond on my blog but would follow his posts on his website.


Briefly by way of introduction, since you may not know about me, I am a layman Seventh-day Adventist, 63, retired from the U.S. Air Force, that was raised as a Lutheran but became Adventist in 1993 after being introduced to what the Bible really teaches, while attending a Daniel and Revelation prophecy seminar, presented in Hawaii by an Adventist pastor. That was indeed an eye opening experience that has had me studying the Bible very deeply ever since. My web site was the method I choose to share and explain what I have learned since becoming Adventist. I have had no formal theological training from either university or seminary, I am just a layman, yet I submit to you the following open invitation that will soon be posted on my web site:

I have only just this evening become aware of your web site St. Joseph’s Vanguard | Catholic Apologetics and Agrarianism and your book The Protestant’s Dilemma: How the Reformation’s Shocking Consequences Point to the Truth of Catholicism which, on the face of it, is a very interesting premise. Other than that intriguing title, I don’t have any further information regarding the 30+ tenets of Protestantism that you follow to what you claim to be their logical conclusion, i.e., the truth of Roman Catholicism.

So, with that in mind, I propose to discuss with you via email, the 30+ Protestant tenets (which again, are as yet sight unseen by me), in an open, public discussion that will be posted on both our web sites. Through the scriptures I will present, it will be amply evident that your conclusion is in error, that Roman Catholicism is not the truth that you suppose it is. This will be done respectfully, in a decent, scholarly and orderly manner, by letting the Bible interpret itself, so that the truth will be readily apparent to those who seek it. The Bible will clearly reveal that Roman Catholicism is in fact, the very antipode of truth. That it alone is identified specifically and beyond any doubt, to be the apostate persecuting harlot church of Revelation 12 and 17, and that the papacy (the entire papal dynasty) is none other than the little horn of Daniel, the man of lawlessness, the beast of Revelation 13, the antichrist.

So, I await either your courageous acceptance of this invitation to defend and stand for what you think to be true in an open public discussion, or your declination. In any case, it is my intent to address your book soon on my web site, as stated above, with or without your participation.

— Michael

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6 thoughts on “Seventh Day Adventism vs. Catholicism”

  1. Speaking of the very “antipode to truth”, Adventism could not be a more legalistic and self-focused denomination.

    They might as well be Jews for all that Christ does for them.

  2. Wow, it sounds like you all are very busy to say the least! I hope the move and job change go well. And I pray that your back gets better, Devin!

  3. I hope it will turn out to be a thoughtful discussion. Of course to that fellow who said:

    “This will be done respectfully, in a decent, scholarly and orderly manner, by letting the Bible interpret itself, so that the truth will be readily apparent to those who seek it.”

    Sounding like a Catholic beating a tired old drum I will just ask that this fellow use the principle of scripture interpreting scripture to start off this discussion by showing us how he arrives at the conclusion that what he is using as his sole source is actually scripture.

    If he can’t do that, then does he really need to proceed?

  4. Devin, prayers for you, back pain is one of the worst!!! I am sad that you are selling the farm, I’m sure it was a difficult decision. Funny for a stranger to be sad, huh? I used to own my own home, had a couple of acres, plenty of animals. I lived on a ranch I was overseeing for a years, even more animals, both large & small – I miss that tremendously too, hence my sadness at your move. I know it is much easier with multiple children, and work, to live in the city.
    Lastly, you are way too kind; I didn’t find Michael’s words respectful. I felt he just camouflaged his contempt. You are a way better man than I, and not just because I am a woman. 😉 God bless, and heating pads help!!!

  5. Yeah, I didn’t find him all that respectful either. And he should, at minimum, need to show (using only scripture) how he knows that each book in his Bible is inspired, and indeed scripture. Oh wait, he probably relies on the Catholic Church for that! And if he’s a good SDA, he should be interpreting said scripture, not by scripture, but by the “spirit of prophecy,” or the infamous Ellen G. White.

    Hope you feel better, Devdog!

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