Making the Prayer of Jesus Your Own

throughwithShane Kapler has a newly published book titled Through With, & In Him: The Prayer Life of Jesus And How to Make It Our OwnIt’s a long but quite accurate title.

Shane adeptly explores Jesus’ life of prayer, situated in the Jewish culture of His day, and offers insightful reflections on how our Lord’s prayer can be ours.

I was amazed at how much of Jewish worship and day-to-day life Shane revealed. At times I felt like I was reading a historical novel of the near East two thousand years ago. It’s fascinating to learn about the context of Jesus’ life of faith. Shane shows how the Church’s prayers, devotions, and liturgy all have their roots in the life of Christ and thus in the rituals and observances of the Old Covenant.

Each chapter is filled with theological insights into the great mysteries of our Christian Faith–for example the Incarnation and life of the Holy Trinity–along with the Israelites’ practices and prayers and how they are connected to those of the Church. Finally, Shane gives practical ways that the Church offers us to deepen our prayer life today: from Eucharistic Adoration to the Divine Mercy Chaplet, from the brown scapular to the Our Father to the sacred Heart of Jesus.

The book is accessible to any Catholic, and I would recommend it to every Catholic. It offers countless insights for growing in your faith and in your own prayer. Shane’s writing style is friendly and winsome; you feel like he is a companion journeying with you as you read.

I am only too happy to encourage you to buy this great book!

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2 thoughts on “Making the Prayer of Jesus Your Own”

  1. I love (well…I guess I really don’t love it) how in that prayer, Jesus teaches us to pray against ourselves.

    Actually …I’m not too crazy about that aspect of it…because I want what I want…so much of the time.

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