Help Our Friend’s Baby to Walk

George and Ashley
George and Ashley

My friends Ashley and George Weis have a son, Symeon, who is twelve months old and needs surgeries to be able to walk. I asked if I could post their story here, and I hope you will consider helping them, with any amount you can. They designed the book cover of If Protestantism is True (and are great website/book cover designers). God bless.

Hello friends & family,

As most of you know, our youngest son Symeon (12 months old) will soon be undergoing surgery to straighten his leg and correct his ankle. He has fibular hememilia and is estimated to need approximately 10 surgeries throughout life so that he can walk like you and I do. Right now he tries, but his length discrepancy is pretty significant, so he mostly holds onto furniture and stands lop-sided on the ankle of his right foot, the foot that’s affected by the FH. He is a happy, beautiful guy and you would never know he has something wrong with him unless you saw him try to walk.

His first surgery is coming up at the end of this month. We’ve been through A LOT with insurance and ultimately they’ve rejected the care. They would prefer us to go to an in-network doctor for amputation, but we are very much set on saving his leg and lengthening it. The hospital was, at first, going to deny the surgery unless we came up with $45,000 as down payment of sorts, but when our doctor/surgeon heard about this he called me personally and said, “Please come. They can bill you afterward. I’m doing the surgery for you without the money upfront.”

This is great news! So we don’t have to reschedule the surgery, but we do have pay immense hospital bills if he want to save his leg instead of cutting it off. If you know us, you know that we absolutely despise asking for money. We wish we were in a better financial spot so we could be the ones handing money out to others all the time, every day, but unfortunately that’s not us right now. A friend who has a baby with the same condition as Symeon just had her little girl in surgery this past week and she told me she used Go Fund Me and raised $20,000 for her baby. Their insurance covered the surgery, but she still has to pay for time off work, special shoes, and other things that go along with this process. She told me to try it, and I figured, “Why not?” If it were my own leg I’d cut it off and save the bills, but for our son… We want to do whatever we can and that means having the humility to ask for help, when it is the most unnatural thing for us to do.

So, here we are, asking you to share this with your friends on Facebook or wherever you may be, and help us out. We have had a great year and many blessings, though financially we’ve never quite been on our feet. We are hoping that one day, perhaps, we will be in a position to help others in the same way. In honor of MLK… I’ve always had a dream… A dream of having enough money to randomly give strangers envelopes with $500 inside. The woman with foodstamps who ran out of enough to pay for the groceries already bagged in her cart. The dad who works his life away for his family, but just had his heat turned off. The single mother who lost her husband in a car accident and can’t pay rent. And the many children and families out there suffering in some way because they don’t have enough money. One day… We hope to be able to bless others in the same way, and please know that any donations we receive are extremely appreciated and it really is humbling to have to ask.

Thank you so much! Please do not feel obligated to help in any way, just asking for the sake of a little smile that brightens our world.

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