Last Chance to Get If Protestantism is True

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Later this month I will pull the plug on If Protestantism is True to prepare for the new book, The Protestant’s Dilemma, published by Catholic Answers. So if you want to get any memorial copies, now is the time. Of course, it does make a great gift, especially for that combative Protestant in your life. Who doesn’t like receiving a “dilemma” for Christmas?

The book has been successful beyond my imagining. I never tallied up how many copies were sold–no point and it’s a pain with the self-pub sites’ reporting–but since I’m discontinuing it I went through and got a rough total.

Total books sold: 13,600

It breaks down to around 8,600 e-books (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony, etc.) and 5,000 paperbacks. As a self-pub author, I was unable to penetrate into the Catholic book stores. Only the enterprising book store owners who went out of their way to find out how to order them bought them. That accounted for a few hundred books at least, but not too many in the overall scheme. The book started selling in June of 2011 and ends December 2013, so right at 2 1/2 years of being sold.

Of course, I am grateful to our Lord for the book’s success. The stories that I have been told by readers of it have amazed me. I hope to share an incredible one that just occurred via a guest blog post sometime in the new month or two.

To aspiring authors, I can only say: go for it! You may not have my success–you may have Suzanne Collins’ or JK Rowling’s!–but either way it will be a learning experience. I received many rejections from publishers when I sent out proposals. Rejections, and was completely ignored with no answer from publishers as well. Don’t be discouraged. Keep contacting publishers, building your platform, and self-publish if you think it is the right way to go.

The Protestant’s Dilemma is done and Catholic Answers is putting the finishing touches on the cover and what-not. It will be out early 2014. The book is twice as good as If Protestantism is True. The original book was as good as I could make it, under my own steam and with a skilled free-lance editor. The new book is friendly, yet razor-sharp on the arguments, honed by great apologetic minds at Catholic Answers.

Thank you for your faithful reading!

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8 thoughts on “Last Chance to Get If Protestantism is True”

    1. Laura I commented over on your blog. It is so good to “meet” you and hear this incredible story. God is good! I look forward to learning more about your journey.

  1. There needs to be more Protestant and Roman Catholic discussions on the Scripture and how it is to be interpreted. More Protestants need to understand RC doctrines and there implications also. Church history is also a good topic to discuss given that there is so much misunderstanding of it on the RC side.

  2. Congratulations on the success of your book and your new partnership with Catholic Answers! I have one request for you or your new publisher or editor: please keep the original title if possible. I have mentioned “If Protestantism is True” to Protestant friends, and they’re immediately intrigued because of the title alone. (If you need to change the title for whatever reason, consider a minor change like “If Protestantism Were True.”) I think that the original title makes it easier for one to realize that the book aims to show how the arguments/beliefs of Protestantism are illogical when confronted with facts. I don’t think “The Protestant’s Dilemma” will pique interest in Protestants to the same extent. I intend this comment only to be constructive, and I intend to continue to share this book with my Protestant friends. As a former Protestant, I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. God bless.

    1. Jason, thanks for your comment. The new working title was If Protestantism Were True but near the end Catholic Answers thought it better to distance the new book’s title from the original. So The Protestant’s Dilemma is what it will most likely be.

      I discussed this with them and we went back and forth. Ultimately I hope the contents of the book will make it compelling, even if the new title isn’t as intriguing as the original one. Thanks again!

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