If Protestantism Is True, on Kindle Matchbook for Free

ifProtisTruebookFrontCoverIf you bought a paperback copy of If Protestantism is True, you can download the Kindle version for free on Amazon’s Matchbook page.

There’s a button about midway down the page that let’s you find all your Amazon-purchased books that have enabled Kindle Matchbook. Some are free, most are $0.99 to $2.99.

Since the Kindle version is already just $2.99, I figured I’d make it free for those who bought the paperback. Winning!

If Protestantism Is True has been an enormous success, far beyond my expectations. It will be sold until the end of this year (2013), then discontinued. The brand new book, which I just finished editing with Catholic Answers, will come out early next year, probably in February or March.

I will post more about the new book as we get closer to publication. It is a brand new book, based on the original self-published one but better in every way. New and stronger arguments have been added. Old ones that were weaker were removed. Ones that were kept were revised or completely rewritten to make them airtight and even more accessible to all readers.

The new book is also better written. That is due in large part to my editor Todd Aglialoro at Catholic Answers. He is a pro and an excellent writer himself. Also, in the past two years since self-publishing the original book, my writing has improved. I would not claim that myself but Todd mentioned it off-hand one day. I was grateful for the compliment.

So if you are sentimental about the original book, you’ve got about two months to get it before it is discontinued. And if you already bought the paperback, go get the Kindle version for free on Matchbook!

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14 thoughts on “If Protestantism Is True, on Kindle Matchbook for Free”

  1. This is really cool and so generous of yours, Devin!

    Just this weekend I was talking to my son about how the music industry was transformed and grew thanks to its giving up antagonizing digital versions and how the publishing industry would probably benefit from being Napsterized as well.

    I even thought out loud that perhaps this change in books could start with Amazon providing digital versions of books purchased before, just like Amazon is doing with music by providing free digital versions of some purchased CDs, even those purchased years ago. I wasn’t aware of the Matchbooks program and I think that it’s a new beginning, which will probably be in full gear when the digital version is provided for free.

    BTW, as an author you’d probably be able to confirm whether the profit is greater in the Kindle version than in the paper version of a book. If so, could you please provide some round numbers?


    1. Thanks Augustine!

      Profit depends on how much you price your book, but with Amazon I make about $2 per Kindle version (priced at $2.99, so Amazon takes about 33%), and with the paperback, listed at $8.99, I make a bit less than $3, because of the book’s size/number of pages.

      That said, Amazon sells about twice the number of Kindle versions compared with paperback versions, so total revenue is greater from the Kindle versions than paper ones.

      This math will change once the Catholic Answers book is published, as they will take a chunk of the proceeds in addition to their book printer taking a chunk (and amazon taking a chunk for whoever buys the book through amazon). Of course, this is fair since they have invested editing work in it over the past two years and will also market/promote the book. My guess is that I will on the whole make less money but that the book will get out to more people, which is my main goal.

      I have only been able to reach a small handful of Catholic bookstores, because most don’t want to deal with an indie author that only has one book. Catholic Answers will be able to reach them, as well as the people who listen to their radio show, etc. I’m interested to see how it plays out. Either way I am very grateful to our Lord about how the self-publishing has gone and also that I’ve gotten to work with Catholic Answers.

      1. Bookstores? That’s so… 11th century! 🙂 Thanks for the frank disclosure. I’m trying to gauge which direction and how strong the winds of digital change are blowing in the library.

        I look forward to the day when books are sold only electronically and more people can read for less. I’ll be a happy camper when everything that the Vatican and the bishops publish is freely and widely available electronically (go Brandon Vogt!).

        1. Yah bookstores are in dire straits. Catholic bookstores are no exception, but since there are still many Catholics who go to Catholic bookstores to buy things, currently they are still a big market.

  2. Good luck with the book, Devin!

    Prostestantism…Catholicism…what matters is that the gospel is true!

    And we can trust in that death on the Cross for sinners. For that is who He came for. real sinners. The kind we know that we are.

    That, my friend, is true. For Christians of all stripes.

    God bless you, friend.

  3. “I look forward to the day when books are sold only electronically and more people can read for less.”

    Hi Augustine,

    40 of my 41 books are so available. I offer those I put out on my own (32 of all of ’em) as PDFs ($2.99), and Kindle, Nook Book, iTunes, and Lulu ePubs ($6.99). Now if people would only buy them . . . They sell very few because I can’t afford to advertise them properly. This is the downside of self-publishing / print-on-demand.

    But I am trying to make cheap electronic books available for the Catholic apologetics market, and barely surviving financially under Obama and his economic lunacy. Apologetics is only a tiny market and therefore the bad economy is killing those of us who rely primarily on those royalties for our livelihood.

    Looks like there is no end in sight, either, until we get a Republican in the White House again.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Probably someone out there has a copy of the original. I have a few but not many. The new book is the same idea only done better, so you will benefit by buying the new one, unless you have some sentimental reason to want the original.

      In any case do let me know and I might be able to part with one of my few saved copies.


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