Out of Commission with Back Injury

lumb1I injured my back some weeks ago and have been out of commission. Apologies for the lack of blogging. Sitting down for very long hurts my back, so any sitting I do is for my job.

Good news is, I finished the editing of the new book with Catholic Answers. The old book, If Protestantism Were True, will be discontinued at the end of this year. The new book will be published in February or March of next year, most likely.

I have had some great friends helping me with farm chores, which I am unable to do. My buddy Ryan is out mowing down the weeds in the pasture right now; my friend Jeremy fixed up our pond problems, and my brother-in-law built a chicken coop, cut down mesquites, and helped seed the pasture with clover. Finally, my wife is picking up the slack for all the rest.

Hurting my back has reminded me forcefully of our total reliance on God. When things are going well it seems we ourselves can do whatever we want. But a simple thing, like back trouble, makes accomplishing even everyday tasks an impossible feat.

Thanks you in advance for your prayers! Regular blogging will commence in the next month or so, God willing.

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12 thoughts on “Out of Commission with Back Injury”

  1. Devin and Katie – Katie K just told us about the back injury the other day. SO sorry to hear it. I wish we were closer and could offer to help in a tangible way. Our prayers are with you. — John and Drina

  2. Chores did a Dim Mak on you? Next time, you just tell your chores, “You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.” And remember, go for the stomach. And stay away from his right leg.

  3. 2 positions can be helpful with an acute LB injury. On your back with hips and knees bent to 90 degrees, pillows or cushions under lowers legs, or prone on your stomach, propped up on elbows or pillows.

  4. Devin, from a busy mom with a lengthy history of lower back & sacro iliac issues, let me just make sure you know about this: try substituting a giant exercise ball for your chair, wherever you need to sit for any length of time. Even now (December), even if you’re back is feeling better.

    It allows your core muscles to be active, and prevents your hips and tailbone from being pushed & pinched from a chair bottom. Range from $10 – $50 at Target, most other stores.

    (When I’m pregnant, I tell the kids, “Mama is sitting on her big blue egg!” and they think it’s hysterically funny. I feel like Horton the elephant. There’s an image for you!)

    Healthy back to you!

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