Innovative Apologetics

the-truth-is-out-thereCatholic Answers recently published their first graphic novel: The Truth is Out There, a comic book-style apologetics work aimed at high school youth.

The story is set in a sci-fi world, where two friends, Brendan and Erc, work together delivering interplanetary mail. Brendan is the honest seeker while Erc is the worldly, apathetic hedonist.

Along their journey they encounter several other characters, some who help Brendan in his search for truth and some who hinder it: a philosopher, a celebrity, a priest, and a Protestant apologist.

Through dialogue and adventure, Brendan and Erc discover the compelling arguments for the existence of God (first as the Unmoved Mover), then the existence and authenticity of Jesus Christ and Christian revelation, and finally to the Catholic Church as the fullness of the Christian truth.

As I read it, I heard echoes of Dr. Feser’s excellent book, The Last SuperstitionI would even describe it as a succinct summary of the key points of Feser’s book, in dialogue form. But the Socratic style of dialogue makes it highly readable and fun. Dr. Feser’s book would be a good next step for the young person wanting to go deeper after reading this graphic novel.

The comic artwork is lovely, the characters interesting. The whole package is quite attractive, which is important in trying to capture the attention of young people. Overall it is a laudable and worthy effort, and I recommend it to anyone who has a high school-aged child.

Two cool things: the book was written by a Maronite monk going by the pseudonym “Amadeus.” And, Catholic Answers wants to get this graphic novel into the hands of as many young people as possible. So if you know a youth minister or a high school group, find out about ordering many copies for them.

My favorite part was when Brendan is on the cusp of becoming a Christian and the Protestant apologist swoops in to challenge the Catholic priest and to try to convince Brendan that Protestantism has the true gospel. Several key issues dividing Catholics and Protestants are masterfully handled in short order. Lots of fun.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know it’s out there, I just ordered a copy for my son (he’s a high school sophomore)!

  2. Well, Feser’s book is the best book I read this year. It is fantastic. So, you gave me the perfect indication. I will buy two: one for me and other to my son.


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