Twisting and Turning to Rome

Stephen Beale interviewed me and other multi-converts for an article on the Nat’l Catholic Register today:

When I hit the low point in college and was considering suicide, I thought of God because I had good Christian friends who showed me through their lives that they had hope and joy — two virtues I was completely missing,” Rose said. “So God presented himself to me as an alternative, even though it seemed like a long shot that he was real.

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2 thoughts on “Twisting and Turning to Rome”

  1. It’s from the other post, but looks like comments are closed there:

    “The fact is, Protestants are losing many of their “best and brightest” while most of the Catholics who leave were not well-formed in their faith.”

    The only fact here is, you are selling people short while looking at regular Joe from higher step. I thought you knew that when it comes to God, education or “brightness” of mind is nothing, because “the spirit blows where he wills”…

    I have no intention of defending protestantism since I’m not one of them, but honestly, if you look at past years, equal or even bigger list of “bright guys” run from RC to many other sects than came to Rome, and people who leave RC are MOSTLY more educated than regular catholic believer. It’s just how it goes, and I’m not a fan of lies and implying such “facts” in apologetics of my religion, which is RC. Please reconsider using them and stick to straight facts and honesty without rude comments about other sects, don’t act like newly confirmed zealot.

    RC got problems, and affirming them is the first step for better, not just ignoring everything around you and posting how “bright guys” are coming over for party and only people who leave are “uneducated fools”.

    cheers, Sebastian Karpowski

    1. Sebastian,

      Name one “bright guy” who left the Catholic Church for Protestantism in the past two decades. You said there’s a big list; I’m saying, name one.

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