Catholic Answers is Blogging!

Hector Molina and I at the CNMC...I knew him *before* he was famous
Hector Molina and I at the CNMC…I knew him *before* he was famous

This is a cool development. Catholic Answers just started a group blog with a great line-up of apologists, evangelists, and bloggers.

We’re talking heavy hitters like Tim Staples (who no doubt Obama thinks routinely punches above his weight) and Jimmy Akin, but also sharp writers like Todd Aglialoro and Michelle Arnold.

It also includes Catholic Answers newcomers Hector Molina and Trent Horn, who won the golden ticket contest and got hired as staff apologists amongst a sea of applicants. Speaker-extraordinaire Matt Fradd is on board, as are Catholic Answers favorites Jim Blackburn and even Karl Keating himself.

Bottom line is, a regularly updated group blog by the top apologetics outfit in the country. Do thou check it out!

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