Son of Bosco, Lionheart

If I were from Iceland, I would also look like this

It’s blogs to follow Thursday* today and I’m introducing you to Ashley Collins, a son of Don Bosco!

Ashley and I met at the Catholic New Media Conference last year but unfortunately didn’t get to hang out that much. Maybe this year in the big-D. In any case, his blog is great, focusing on music and the spiritual life, the spiritual meaning of songs, and his own faith.

He recently published a doubly great post on the up-and-coming Icelandic folk pop band Of Monsters and Men. It’s twice the goodness because through Ashley I now discovered this great band and am loving their music, which has some positive and faith-harmonious lyrics like:

And as the world comes to an end
I’ll be here to hold your hand
Cause you’re my king and I’m your lionheart.
A lionheart.

Lionheart. No, not JCVD Lionheart, which (true) has merits of its own, but a powerful image of allegiance to our King and our role as lionhearted warriors. Rock on! Here’s the song:

So head on over to Ashley’s blog and subscribe!

* Yes I usually do blogs to follow on Friday but why not on Thursdays as well, or Monday, or any day for that matter. I keep planning to get one of those linky link widgets Jen uses for 7 quick takes Friday but can’t be bothered trying to set up some big thing for other bloggers to do along with me. It’s enough for me to get these posts up in some semblance of sensicalness. YMMV, IANAL, all rights reserved.

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