Ecumenism, Unity, and Arguments

I wrote a reply to John Armstrong’s response to my review of his book, which Called to Communion just posted:

My point was that even if Protestants came to accept the Catholic doctrine of apostolic succession, that in itself would not be sufficient for healing the way in which Protestants and Catholics are divided over apostolic succession. That’s because in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, apostolic succession is not merely a doctrine to be affirmed, but also a means by which apostolic authority has been handed down within the Church. And because of the organic ontological nature of apostolic authority transmitted through apostolic succession, that apostolic authority cannot be acquired or recovered merely by assenting to the doctrine of apostolic succession; it can be recovered only by reunion with those already having it.

Can we get to unity without engaging in arguments? Can we engage in arguments without devolving to polemics? You decide!

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One thought on “Ecumenism, Unity, and Arguments”

  1. Unity, yes. But never at the expense of the pure gospel.

    There are many areas that we do agree. We ought make use of these areas and not let our disagreements close off all dialogue.

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