New Book Draft Completed!

While editing If Protestantism is True with Catholic Answers, I’ve been working on another manuscript for a different kind of apologetics book. And I’m happy to say that I just finished the first draft.

The working title for it, which is almost sure to change, is The Roman Road, a probably too-subtle play off the Protestant witnessing tool called the Romans road, where you lead a person through key verses in the book of Romans to show them that they are sinners who need Jesus.

This book has the ambitious goal of making apologists out of “regular” Catholics. It accomplishes this by showing Catholics how they can share their faith with Protestant friends, make arguments, and connect one topic to another. It’s sort of a how-to book that includes the relevant apologetics content. Interestingly, there’s little overlap between this new book and my first one.

Speaking of If Protestantism is True, my editor and I are about three-quarters done with the main editing work. The new book will truly be a new book, though it will share the basic idea and much of the core content (with significant improvements) with the original. It’s been a purgative process for me, editing through the book yet again, but the result will be much better, since almost every suggestion my editor has made is right on the money.

More news will be forthcoming in the next several months on these projects–thanks for all your support!

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10 thoughts on “New Book Draft Completed!”

    1. It definitely does. I just kind of plug away at it little by little until it is done. So this one was done off and on for about nine months.

      I’ll have another giveaway soon–y’all missed winning by just one person!

  1. why do you believe romans road is an inaccurate few of salvation?
    or do i have to buy the book for the Catholic answer 🙂

    1. Hi Shawna,

      The Romans road is fine as far as it goes. We are sinners; only Jesus can save us. So I don’t have a problem with it per se, though it does lend itself to the sometimes too-simplistic Evangelical understanding that once someone says the sinner’s prayer they are saved no matter what they do in the future.

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