Win a Free Copy of My Book!

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I’ve bought some copies of my book to give away, and you can win one!

Here’s the deal: Follow me on twitter and then send out a tweet that includes the book’s name and mentions me, and you are entered to win. Something like:

“I’m entering to win If Protestantism is True by @DevinSRose”

Feel free to just copy and paste that and tweet it out. It’s important to mention me with the @ sign so I get notified of your tweet and can add you to the contest.

I plan to give two books away per week until they’re gone, and may vary the way you enter to win, but to begin with I’d like to try this twitter idea. I’ll give everyone through Wednesday to send out their tweets, for those that check the blog a bit less regularly.

I’ll make a post each week to remind you of what to do to enter. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “Win a Free Copy of My Book!”

    1. Hi Kim!

      Sure that is fine. Considered yourself entered! I did it via twitter mainly because when someone mentions me in a tweet, it sends me an email which makes it handy to track. But this is okay too.

  1. I also do not text or tweet, but I wish you all the best with your book!

    (It’s not whether Prorestantism is true or not…it’s whether the GOSPEL is true…or not). 😀

    1. Ah Steve, you would like it I think–I include lots of references to Luther, and half the time it’s because his position is closer to Catholicism’s than the rest of Protestantism is! 🙂

      BTW there are only five people who have tweeted me thus far, so right now each of them has a 40% chance of winning one of the two books.

  2. You’re a good and honest man, Devin.

    You know, 98% of Protestants don’t understand Luther, at all. And probably 80% of Lutherans don’t, as well.

    As far as Protestants go, I would much prefer to eat the body and drink the blood with the Pope, than to congregate with people who say “it’s only a symbol”.

    I love what Flannery O’Connor said, “If it’s only a symbol…then to hell with it.”

  3. Devin I have been eyeing your book for a while. I dont tweet or facebook though. How bout this: If I win the book, I will review it on my blog for the literally millions of subscribers I have. Is that cool?

  4. Ha ha – I should’ve just waited a couple weeks…. 😉

    Nah, just kidding. I already have your book, Devin. Picked it up through Amazon (for my Kindle, actually). I’m about halfway through, and I can certainly attest to being thoroughly enlightened. That being said, it’d still be pretty cool to have a hard copy.

    So since I don’t tweet, twitter or twext (seriously, I have no idea how the verbage works anymore), I promise to post this contest up over on my blog tomorrow. I only get about 100 views per day, so nothing like our buddy David Meyer above can boast… ha ha ha, but still… any extra traffic, even just one or two hits, helps, right?

    Best wishes, and as always, thanks for the education! 🙂

  5. Hi Devin,

    Your book’s title caught my attention. I’d love to win one of them too, however, I am not local and I do not tweet. Can i post at your comment box?

  6. Devin,

    I STRONGLY suggest you promote the fact your book is only $3 on Kindle – and that you can read Kindle books on your PC without having the actual Kindle. THAT is a good selling point and why people who don’t have a lot don’t need to put too much effort into a free copy.

    1. Thanks Nick! I just kind of assume everyone knows that, but many don’t. Personally I don’t like reading books on the computer because it’s so bright/not relaxing. But I don’t have to as of last Christmas because I got a Kindle! (Interestingly, I published my book to Kindle, Nook, Apple, and others without having any of those devices, using the various emulator softwares on each system.)

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