Gentle Bishop Mulvey of Corpus Christi

Bishop Mulvey

Like many of you, I was surprised and confused by Fr. Corapi’s recent announcement. And I have nothing more to add on Corapi’s score beyond what the popular Catholic bloggers have already laid out.

But one aspect that I know a bit more about and that troubles me is his comments about the bishop of Corpus Christi, Michael Mulvey. Firstly, even though Bishop Mulvey was only recently appointed to Corpus, I assume that Corapi is speaking of him and not the former bishop when he made his comments.

I met Bishop Mulvey (when he was Father, and then Monsignor) during my ten years in Austin. I heard Mass from him many times and talked with him as well. He always struck me as a priest with a very gentle spirit. Not all priests have that gift, but he did. I understood that he was involved in the ecclesial movement Focolare, which seemed to fit his personality well.

Eventually, after Bishop Aymond was transferred to Louisiana, Msgr. Mulvey became the administrator for the diocese until Bishop Vasquez was chosen. Mulvey was then himself moved and raised to the epicopate. He’s only been bishop in Corpus for sixteen months or so.

Thus, it pains my heart to hear Corapi’s critical words toward him. Corapi didn’t think he could receive a fair trial, but everything I know about Bishop Mulvey says otherwise. Pope Benedict has appointed so many good bishops, including Mulvey, that I can’t help but think that even if Corapi didn’t get a fair hearing at one level, he could have appealed and surely received justice at a higher level.

So, it seems to be one great misunderstanding–no doubt instigated by the Devil, but also one that God would have made beautiful–had only Corapi trusted the Church and humbled himself, even in the face of what very well could be false and unjust accusations.

Like you, my wife and I are praying for Corapi, Mulvey, and all involved, including the Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity–the SOLTs–Corapi’s (former?) order.

God bless them all and may Christ heal these terrible wounds.

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  1. Bishop Mulvey was appointed Bishop of Corpus Christi some 17 months ago and was ordained a bishop and took up his responsibilities there 15 months ago. Not a long time to be sure. However, a lot longer than 6 months.

    1. Well, let’s hope the other things you “know” are more accurate…

      “everything I know about Bishop Mulvey says otherwise”

      1. Can a good bishop make a bad judgment? Sure. It’s possible that has happened here. Perhaps his brother bishops have put pressure on him in some way; perhaps he’s been given wrong information; perhaps he’s overreacting against the accusation due to the priestly abuse scandals.

        I respect both Fr. Corapi and Bishop Mulvey, but even two good men can be put into a bad situation and not make the best decisions.

        God bless,

        1. Devin,

          You don’t become a “Bishop” and experiment with a priest’s 20 years of experience in such a brutal emotional way as this occurred and I don’t care how well intentioned any bishop is. A Bishop’s Duty is to Teach and Preach. That’s all. Discipline? Absolutely. Seek out the Truth. 100 % agreed. Basically force the hand of Superiors of a Priest to do this or he will do that does not sound to me very Christian and Authentically Catholic in motive. This scares the living death out of any seminarian. I hope This sweet, gentle bishop can look in the mirror every morning and really and trully believe that he can live the rest of his life knowing that there was a possibility that he was wrong and that error cost the Priesthood of this man to be done away with. That, Devin, would not give me any desire to become a Catholic Priest least of all knowing that when I start to preach uncomfortable Truths which The Catholic Church Teaches I may be subject to a phone call by my Bishop just because someone called to complain or wrote bizarre things about me.. I will never become a priest under those circumstances short of a miraculous intervention. I love the priesthood far too much to see it devastated in this way as to become nothing more than a target for loons.

          Where am I going wrong, Devin?

          In The Love Of Christ,
          Robert Sledz
          Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago

          1. Very well said, Mr. Sledz. The main thing that bothers me is that, according to John Corapi, the accused is not made privy to ANY of the allegations against him. It’s not so much the Bishop, perhaps, but the process is totally unfair to the accused, who still should have some rights. This process is uncivilized.

  2. Unfortunately it has come to a point that many of the laity (Catholics especially) seem to pre-judge priests. One only has to listen to many of them make jokes about the priesthood and I have walked out of these conversations on many occasions. My take is the case of Fr. Corapi, as with many other priests for sure, is that the hierarchy seems to be treating these cases with prejudice towards the priests, unwittingly for sure. This reaction is a backlash (call it overcompensation from guilt if you want) from the past mishandling and soft-handed approach that is being “uncovered”. In this sense, Fr. Corapi is right that he won’t get a fair trial but it also has nothing to do with the character of Bishop Mulvey. It seems that the sins of the church have bound the bishops hands on this one. It never fails to impress me how the enemy can always turn a good thing (hard-handed approach to abusers) into one that benefits him (guilt overcompensation) and results in losing vocations. St. Michael defend us!

    1. You are closer to the truth than most know.

      The Smoke of Satan entered the Sancturary during Vatican II.

      The gates of Hell shall not prevail, but I think the storms will certainly make for Peter’s storm look like a walk in the park….

      1. Your being too extreme in your thinking. Ease up. There are extremes in both directions and they have nothing to do with Vatican II, but’s It’s implementation and interpretation.

        1. Really Robert?

          Funny, I never said the problem was Vatican II.

          Maybe the extremis exists in your spirit that read into what I said something that does not exist….

    2. O without exaggeratin, most definitely. Card. O’Malley has no problems with those types of Priests it appears.. But This gentle Bishop seems to look out just to destroy another priesthood. Swell. I don’t know what is so redeeming here, Devin?

      Robert Sledz
      Chicago Catholic Archdiocese

  3. Maybe one lesson to be learned from the Corapi situation is that you don’t reveal too many details about your “former” life to the general public after you are ordained a priest. People love to hear such information and they treat it as a testimony of God’s grace working in your life, and leading you into priestly service in the church. Beaware of those who don’t like the priest who has shared such personal and private information about himself. They can use it as ammunition against you. Yes, the truth can set your free, but too much “truth” in the hands of the wrong people can also bind you.

    1. No, actually when you enter the seminary doors you are told “The Church stands behind you”.. Not so much. Bishops do not stand by their priests anymore. They have run the gambit to the extreme, to the detriment of many who would want to enter the seminary but now, may have other plans to preach and Teach the gospel. To be a Priest one MUST be an “Alter Christos”. You know what that means? To be “another Christ”.. Ya can’t be another Christ when a Bishop takes every loon’s writings be they email or mail and take them seriously BEFORE contacting civil authorities. Were civil authorities contacted here by The Gentle Bishop who really loves his seminarians and wants to make sure they know “the Church will stand behind you”? I don’t believe so. It is obvious that, that should have been number one on this Bishop’s agenda. I have nothing more to add.

      1. re “Ya can’t be another Christ when a Bishop takes every loon’s writings be they email or mail and take them seriously BEFORE contacting civil authorities.”

        Actually Robert, that sounds strikingly similar to what happened to Christ….

        Btw, after reading a couple of your posts, I know you’re on the right side of justice. Seems there are a few details upon which we see in a slightly different shade.

        1. Well, by saying the smoke entered Vatican II your assumption was that The Vatican II was installed improperly… The Holy Spirit guides The Councils For Infallible Truth. No error there, brother. Can’t be.. or smoke for that matter.

          1. You are wrong on both counts.

            #1 “Smoke of Satan” are the words of a Pope, not in reference to the declared teachings of VII but rather the abuses of its declarations buy priests & laity.

            #2 yes the council, like the whole church, is guided by the Holy Ghost. however, the council declared no new Dogma, nor made any declarations of infallibility.

            I find your habit of mind and ignorance of The Canon & teachings of The Church very troubling.

  4. There are at least four SOLT seminarians waiting for Bishop Mulvey to give his permission for them to be ordained. According to the chatter, the bishop wants to investigate SOLT to see whether everything is in order before he ordains them. Sometimes delaying an ordination without an adequate and clearn explanation can create a cloud of suspicion about the seminarian which can easily follow him to ordination and later into priestly ministry. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself.

    1. “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.” ~ St. John Chrysostom (347-407), Doctor of the Church

        1. Really. You sound like a member of the LegionAries.

          Considering all the assumptive errors & plain errors in your posts, I’d say your certitude is gravely misplaced.

          Btw, I never attacked the Bishop.

    2. It will not be just SOLT seminarians, I can assure you. Seminarians everywhere are wondering if the same thing can happen to them. Yes, sir.. Why would any seminarian enter The Seminary now unless they were sadists? Why? Zero tolerance? What’s that other than the extreme fear of any Bishop worried about what “the people will say” or this person may say…or etc ..etc.. I don’t want My Bishop worrying what people will say. I want my Bishop to worry about what I will say to my Flock of Parishioners once I become a Priest. That’s what I want my Bishop to worry about. If Jesus took that stand, Peter, Judas Iscariot, John and James would never fit my plan. They would be too extrem-ely DUMB… which is actually worse than being smart sometimes, I think.

  5. Perhaps Fr. Corapi will be the only saint who was forced to leave the priesthood to enact a holy change in the way priests are protected against false accusations for the betterment of Holy Mother Church and the priesthood in the future. Jesus said warned us that we would be persecuted also as he was persecuted. There must be a better balance in the way false accusations against the “orthodox” priests are treated. Has anyone ever read the book “AA-1025” The Memoirs of an anti apostle by Marie Carre. It is about the invasion of Communist priests into our priesthood to “destroy from within” so that the very thing you are seeing happen is actually “happening”. Read it and you will never look at the priesthood of today the same.

    1. There is another reason. I don’t think it is necessary to speculate about these matters. It only promotes fear and anxiety. That is not Fr. Corapi’s intention.

  6. Whatever the facts are in this investigation, it is true that the resolution will be a very
    long time in coming given the pattern in other such instances. There is something profoundly flawed in a system that seems so circuitous. Nothing much will happen here in a timely way that would result in any action for a very long time.
    We cannot blame Father for wanting to get off the Merry-Go-Round on which he has been placed for what seem to be vague charges from a nameless and irresponsible accuser. We are seeing the usual lack of transparency and forth-rightness from the Church hierarchy using an archaic and non-impartial system which provides little justice for anyone caught in the web of canonical law. The silence from the hierarchy hear is being listened to very attentively. We are not impressed that justice is the goal.

  7. Hello… I listened to Fr. Corapi on You Tube today and I didn’t hear him utter a single phrase in negation of Bishop Mulevy. In fact to the contrary, so I wish you would give a priest who has served The Church on his 20th anniversary and who has probably evangelized more people INTO and BACK into The Church than you ever will see in your lifetime to just keep an open mind. What if someone were to call your bishop tomorrow out of the blue and it happen to be Bishop Mulevy and complain that your this and that and say utter nonsense against you? And then, with this no due process or zero tolerance as The Bishops have made, depose you as a priest..What and how would you feel IF you were innocent?
    Maybe that is how Fr. Corapi is allowed to fee. Ok? Let’s ease up on the condecsensions. If The Bishop is so innocent, why no due process? Why is it assumed the priest has done wrong and not be given the opportunity for redress? Why? Why should I go into a Priesthood like this? Tell me? Why should any young man have to go through this ever?

    Card. Bernardine was wrongly accused of a sex crime. What did that same group that threw many good priests out with no due process? Let The Card. alone to investigate outside. Why the double standard, Devin? One show should fit all priests even Bishops, right? What if someone does the same to Gentle Bishop Mulevy tomorrow? Whose side are you going to be on? What words are you gonna find? Ease up with the comments and start evangelizing The World as Christ told us all to do cuz if we do it right, Jesus said there would be a price to pay and Fr. Corapi is paying it. Would you be willing to? Right…

    1. Robert,

      I have greatly respected Fr. Corapi for the past ten years, ever since I first heard his conversion tape via the Mary Foundation. I listened to it many times as I discerned whether God was calling me to the priesthood. My wife and I took great effort to see him in San Antonio a year or two ago, and we found him to be orthodox, encouraging, and funny.

      In his video, Corapi mentions the bishop of Corpus Christi as initiating the action against him and notes that his religious superiors did not want to.

      I have a high opinion of both Corapi and Bishop Mulvey. It is possible for two good men to be put into a bad situation–none of which was their desire or doing–and I think that is what’s happened here. So I continue to pray for them.

      God bless,

      1. Devin,

        Everything is possible. But what happened is not something probable. I believe Fr. Corapi when he said he was innocent. Are you satisfied that this “gentle Bishop” said to his superiors that he would distribute all those materials he received from an unknown source to other Bishops if Fr. Corapi’s Superiors did not comply with what he asked them to do? Is this a contradiction to the Diocesan’s Representative saying the Bishop had “nothing to do with Fr. Corapi’s Suspension”? There is a problem in this picture. It involves a Bishop, A Priest and his Superiors. Each saying different things concerning “The Gentle Bishop”. So.. as an investigative reporter, how would you assess this story? I would either have to say one of 3 things happened. The Bishop, Gentle as you wish to call him, basically forced the Superiors of Fr. Corapi to act in a way they did not deem necessary to. Or..The Superiors are liars and they were never forced a hand by The Bishop or Fr. Corapi is a liar. It’s one or the all three or both…but not none.

        You think that I want to go to the seminary after seeing a bishop stand by a Catholic Priest in such a way as to seek his dismissal since what else do you think was the intent? An investigation? You really honestly think that after Fr. Corapi’s statement today this investigation the Bishop asked or told the superiors of Fr. to have perforemdd would have accomplished anything other than? Really?

        I don’t think so. I may not be smart enough. But I know when somethin(s) do not smell, well… 😉

        Mutual Love In Christ,
        Robert Sledz
        Chicago Catholic Archdiocese

        1. Robert:

          You are obviously in great pain at seeing Father Corapi’s priestly ministry having come to an end, and how Bishop Mulvey has handled the situation. I appreciate your concern for Father Corapi’s welfare and his future.

          When a priest is accused of misconduct, things always get very messy. Maybe we will never learn all the facts in the case except what each side shares by way of the media.

          Jesus promised His disciples that if they follow Him, they will receive a reward in this life and in the next life. He also promised them that they will have to undergo trials and tribulation, and much persecution. Every apostle suffered his share of trials, tribulation and persecution, even to the point of martyrdom. Many followers of Jesus throughout the centuries endured great hardships and much persecution, all for the cause of Christ. Many saints rejoiced that they were found worthy to suffer for the name of Christ.

          If you are thinking about a possible vocation to priesthood, don’t let a fear of persecution or misunder-standing keep you from following the Lord’s call. Some day each and every one of us will have to give an account of our lives before the Judgment Seat of God.
          Robert, if you truly feel called to priesthood, pray and discern that the Lord lead you to a bishop and diocese where there is evidence of justice, spiritual maturity among the seminarians and priests, priestly fraternal support, and a strong emphasis upon holiness of life. Don’t worry about what the future holds, just know WHO holds the future. Don’t be afraid. God is in control of the universe and everything in the universe. Nothing can happen unless God either wills it to happen or allows it to happen. In either case, everything is in God’s hands.

          God bless.


          1. That’s extremely little consolation coming from “The Gentle Bishop”, but I will pray and honor your perceptions and hope. But, for a priest to be treated with such disdain after only receiving word from a woman about this or that, one would think some reflection like calling the authorities would be better made than telling a priest’s religious order “you better do this and this or else I wil do this and that..” That is exactly what our “Gentle Bishop” said to Fr. Corapi’s Superiors. Doesn’t sound to me very gentle or holy in this matter. I’m sorry. Your thoughts are very kind and thoughtful, but, let me ask you a question. How is it a priest like Fr. Phleger of the Chicago Archdiocese gets to teach as Pastor of a church for 30 years only to preach defiance against The Church, Illicit doctrine and still survive several attempts at removal? While here we have an openly orthodox Priest with someone calling out of the blue and he’s out in a flash? You think i want to go to Bishop Mulevy’s Seminary? Really? Your kidding me right?

            With Love In Christ,
            Robert Sledz
            Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago

      2. re “It is possible for two good men to be put into a bad situation–none of which was their desire or doing–and I think that is what’s happened here.”

        Devin, your question begs the point which is at issue for those of us who feel the USCCB is gravely spiritually ill.

        Were not the Apostles put to the most evil tests? Did they not face the torture and sufferings, literally, that Our Lord did?

        Fast forward to today. Bishops run away like little girls from the slightest challenge to The Faith or Justice; save when they could hide priests who were gravely sick partaking in evil acts.

        Yet now, some Bishops attempt to silence Fr. Corapi by a method that is deeply akin to the behavior of teenage girls….

        Men who believe in Justice, do not seek to silence by denying Justice through not giving another man his “day”. And they certainly do not do so through the deceitful denial of basic human rights and dignity; facing one’s accused and knowing the charges brought against them.

        The behavior if the Bishops, and Bishop Mulvey, is very simply exactly the kind of behavior seen in evil dictatorships of the Sadam Hussein, USSR, Communist China, and Nazi Germany. Sadly, there is zero exaggeration in drawing this comparison. [not I have not made a comparison in the punishment doled out but merely the “process” of the law]

        Now Bishop Mulvey may be a very kind and gentle man. But I’ve met hedonists and atheists who were the same. The point being, if Bishop Mulvey was charged with murder, such would be relevant.

        However, Bishop Mulvey is failing on so many levels to live In Crista.

        Frankly, I don’t care how “funny” and “encouraging” a Bishop is.

        I care about how well he is living up to being a True Bishop.

        Not some old man who kissed back side and made his way up a political machine and can now, when sitting on the top can be the friendly old man to all the naive sycophants who publicly stroke him.

        How can I say such things “about” Bishop Mulvey without knowing him or ever meeting him.

        Simple. In each moment a man, priest, Bishop faces an evil, he is given a choice. It’s pretty simple to figure out from there if one doesnt become focused on the liberal/emotional BS.


        1. “Now Bishop Mulvey may be a very kind and gentle man. But I’ve met hedonists and atheists who were the same. The point being, if Bishop Mulvey was charged with murder, such would be relevant.”

          You nailed it Centurion9.41, people can label you angry specially if you are fighting for TRUTH at the same time if you just go with the flow you can be seen as someone who is gentle and kind.

          It is when you rock the boat that you can be seen as someone who is arrogant. I think Fr. Corapi is into something good here and I pray for him.


  8. Two things have come to light since the weekend announcement:
    (l) Father Corapi has brought civil suit against the accuser which complicates and
    binds the canonical process ( see Joan Frawley Desmond over at the NCREGISTER)
    (2) Superior General ordered Father Corapi to give up his private residence and
    move back to live in community at the monastery in keeping with newer regulations

    In response to number one it does not seem the action of one who is willing to turn
    the other cheek nor pick up his cross and carry it forward.
    (2) Obedience is required if Father remained with his chosen priestly order. Granted
    different rules existed when he joined them, all things change as he has pointed out
    and he vowed obedience at one time to the rule of the SOLT.

  9. From Lucifer, to Adam and Eve, to Martin Luther, to Fr. Fleiger; Pride seems to be the root of the sin of disobedience. Non serviam.

    1. Well the fact of it is, the USCCB have a lock on first place in that department. They have ignored and been disobedient to Rome since aroun…. hmmmm Vatican II.

    2. funny how those priests survive and the holy ones get thrown under the bus by “gentle bishops”… very good inspiration for seeking a holy Priesthood, Bishop Mulvey. But no thanx.

        1. or you have an inhability to be more clear?? there’s always a flip side to any coin..

  10. Robert Sledz:

    Father Corapi belonged to a religious society, SOLT, which falls under the jurisdiction and authority of the ordinary in which the headquarters of the society are located, which is the Corpus Christi Diocese, and Bishop Mulvey is their ordinary. My understanding is that SOLT is working towards a canonical recognition as a society with pontifical status, which means that they would no longer by under diocesan jurisdiction but would come under the authority of the Vatican. The Franciscans, Domincans, Benedictines and other such orders come under the pontifical status. They enjoy an “exempt” status in the diocese in which they minister except in cases of liturgical and pastoral matters.

    Maybe what I shared here can held you understand why Bishop Mulvey was so closely involved in the Corapi case. Whether for good or for bad, the SOLT superiors needed to follow the Bishop’s directives. Part of working for the Church means that we have to try to find a way of working together even though that may be very painful, and even though an injustice is involved. In cases of a hidden injustice, we are always expected to speak out. We have an obligation to give witness to charity, justice, honesty, and truth in dealing with situations where one’s ministry is at stake, or one’s reputation in danger of being ruined. We know for sure that come Judgment Day, all of us have to answer to God for all that we did and for all that we failed to do.

    Robert, you are too focused on Bishop Mulvey and the Corpus Christi Diocese. There are about 150 dioceses in the United States, if not more. I’m not suggesting that you consider applying to the Corpus Christi Diocese to be accepted as a candidate for the seminary. Prayerfully consider whether the Lord is calling you to priesthood, and if so, that you seek the Lord’s guidance in which diocese you may find opportunities to minister as a future priest. This may be difficult for you to accept under the circumstances, but there are some holy bishops working in Catholic Church in the United States. I would be willing to recommend to you the names of a couple bishops, but it would require for you to leave Chicago for seminary studies and priestly ministry.

    I don’t know Father Phleger, but I’ve surely heard of him and the incidents in which he has been involved. According to the media, he came across very defiant and threatened to leave the diocese if he were asked to leave his parish. Follow-up news reports stated that he became reconciled with the Cardinal Archbishop, and so was allowed to stay on at the parish. I’m sure that the Cardinal was doing what he felt was necessary to get the public conflict out of the newspapers. Sometimes we make such decisions to avoid further public scandal.

    My prayer for you this evening is that you may find peace of mind knowing that God is in control in the situation with Father Corapi and with Father Phleger, and that you won’t allow these two situations to influence you negatively as you discern your vocation to priesthood.

    May God bless you and keep you in His peace.


    1. Tim,

      You tried well to explain, but there are too many examples and I’m getting tired of explaining and reasoning that Bishops are quick to use authority over holy Priests and leave the sick, depraved like Pfleger and Unni in Boston, free and clear.. odd…ain’t it? There seems to be a pattern here.. Fear of the saintly priests and not those that cause havoc in doctrinal matters…Bishops can be scrutinized and challenged by the faithfull.. Nothing sinful about what I am doing. I did it in Chicago and I’ll do it In Texas. Boston is next. The Pope ought to know about these Bishops with some petitions …oh…it will go a long way. Success is not always measured in the visible actions of The Holy See… only when it’s time for promotions… and this and that…I assure you.

      There were 3 bishops that retired as auxiliaries not without a reason in Chicago. We all are a Royal Priesthood..a Holy Nation.. The Bishops are to provide for fertile ground, not desolation..

  11. “When there is an imminent danger for the Faith, Prelates must be questioned, even publicly, by their subjects.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica II, II, q. 33, a. 4

  12. Given below is a statement given by the retired bishop of Corpus Christi Diocese. He is very fair and balanced.

    Posted on June 18, 2011 by abyssum

    Great Pyrenees Sheep Dog Guarding the Flock
    God writes straight
    with crooked lines.
    – Portuguese Proverb


    The fact that he has chosen the nom de plume of The Black Sheep Dog is revealing: he cares for the flock of sheep he has been ministering to all these years, sheep that he well knows are of the Lord’s flock, not his.

    As a suspended priest he cannot function publicly as a priest, but he can continue to evangelize as long as he does not present himself to the public as a priest.

    Every baptized person is given the obligation of being a witness to the truth, of being an evangelizer. In Father Corapi’s case, the obligation is all the greater in view of the gift of the sacramental priesthood he has been given. Prevented (hopefully only temporarily) from exercising that priesthood in a public manner during his suspension, he is aware of his obligation to be a witness to the truth and to continue to evangelize. He evidently intends to do so until his suspension is lifted not as Father John Corapi but as The Black Sheep Dog.

    As a good sheep dog he will continue to try to protect the flock from the dangers of heresy, heterodoxy, and all other forms of untruth.

    I think it is a stroke of genius that he chose the image of the sheep dog’s eyes for his blog’s masthead. I have a ranch. I have sheep. I have two wonderful sheep dogs, one a Great Pyrenees and the other an Anatolian Shepherd. I know that they are constantly on the alert for dangers threatening the sheep. They look with one eye for coyotes (we do not have wolves in South Texas) and they constantly keep one eye on the sheep. His avatar is perfect for the role he intends to perform as a shepherd.

    Now, until his suspension is lifted, he is free from the Church’s prohibition on clerics participating in the political life of the nation. Given his past outspoken criticism of the current slide of our government to become more and more like the socialist governments of Europe, I think that we can expect to hear The Black Sheep Dog speak out more openly on the burning issues we will face in the election year of 2012. I know from my own experience that God sometimes “writes straight with crooked lines” as the Portuguese put it, and so perhaps God is using this new (unwanted) freedom from ecclesiastical restraint to permit The Black Sheep Dog to say some important things in the next 16 months on those burning issues.

    I believe that he is justified in not seeking to clear his name through a canonical process; at the present time such processes are very flawed in most dioceses. Rather I would like to believe that he intends to try to clear his name through the civil courts. Since I believe that his accuser is a former manager of his media company who he terminated with some kind termination agreement, and since she has evidently sought revenge for her termination by writing to the Bishop of Corpus Christi denouncing Father John, I believe that it is possible for him to do so and I wish him every success in such an endeavor. The basis for his lawsuit would probably be defamation of character, libel, extortion, breech of contract, or whatever.

    Reading some of the comments on his blog I am appalled at the viciousness of some of them. It is obvious that there is very little if any love in the hearts of some of the writers. It is almost as though some of those writers are filled with hatred for the Catholic Church and/or its priests. It is possible to disagree about almost anything without resorting to ad hominem personal attacks.

    What many of these hostile commentators seem to be unaware of is the fact that Father John Corapi does not belong to a religious order or congregation. He belongs to a Society of Apostolic Life. He is not a priest of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, he is incardinated in the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, a diocesan Society of Apostolic life that I established in the Diocese of Corpus Christi when I was the Ordinary of the Diocese. He has never held an assignment in the Diocese nor has he ever worked in the Diocese. Following his ordination in Rome in 1991 by Blessed Pope John Paul II he has ministered in many places, but not in the Diocese of Corpus Christi. With the permission of his superiors he established his media company in Montana and has lived there ever since. As a member of that Society (The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity) Father John is not bound by a vow of poverty. He is bound by a promise of obedience to his superior, the General Priest Servant of the Society.

    These are just a few thoughts on Father John Corapi’s announcement

  13. I just want to say that the love Father Corapi has for Mother Mary and her son our dear Lord Jesus Christ is so great, that no one could talk about them the way he did on the radio and T.V. and be guilty. What is so wrong here, is all the years the priests got placed all over the U.S. for harming our little children.. It stopped because it cost us the Church alot of money. I feel so bad for him, I am a catholic and love my church, but truly fear for it. It will be interesting to see what great things our dear Father John corapi will be doing. With respect to the Church, I will be listening to him also.

    Sincerely, Kay Koester

    1. Kay, for what it’s worth, I also think that Corapi is innocent of the charges, and I still have respect for him. I pray that this situation is resolved in a good way somehow.

      1. Thank you, Devin for your comments. I wish your blog above foresaw some wisdom in these current thoughts of yours and wish they were included. It is still early. 😉

  14. great comment;more about the destruction from within and fight in the church
    can be found in the momoireds of Italian mystic priest Don Ottavio Michelini

  15. I was one that believed that Mr. corapi was a holy and faithful priest. I no longer believe that. He is behaving more like a businessman than a man that patterns his life in the way that Christ did. It has shaken my very being to know that this man has put the material and the worldly over and above the realm of heaven. He seems arrogant, disobedient and quite worldly. I have invested quite a bit of money on his cd’s, and am looking to get rid of them. It appears that he does not practice or believe what he preaches. I am heartbroken to see that satan has indeed entered his domain. Dear Mr. Corapi, you are in my prayers. Please remember that where your heart is, is also where your treasure is. Seek first the Kingdom of God. I will follow no man, but Christ.

    1. Where is he turning material, Lisa? I don’t get you… He has been condemned by an accuser and silenced by his Bishop (whatever anyone else may say…) and you say he is turning to the Material? Are your serious? What would you do if someone accused you in the Public Eye? Hmmmm…. You and I would run as hell, too… He is looking out for his flock, still.. Whether the right way or not, it’s the way he knows how. As a seminary professor teaches his seminarians so he is Teaching us still.. Successfully? I don’t care. Faithfully? Absolutely!

      Robert Sledz
      Chicago Catholic A..

  16. I was one that believed that Mr. corapi was a holy and faithful priest. I no longer believe that. He is behaving more like a businessman than a man that patterns his life in the way that Christ did. It has shaken my very being to know that this man has put the material and the worldly over and above the realm of heaven. He seems arrogant, disobedient and quite worldly. I have invested quite a bit of money on his cd’s, and am looking to get rid of them. It appears that he does not practice or believe what he preaches. I am heartbroken to see that satan has indeed entered his domain. Dear Mr. Corapi, you are in my prayers. Please remember that where your heart is, is also where your treasure is. Seek first the Kingdom of God. I will follow no man, but Christ.

  17. I also know Bishop Michael Mulvey personally. He was my pastor for a few years, and our family have continued to keep in touch with him. He is a Gentle Soul, who cares Much about others.
    I read in the comments that people disagree with what Bishop Michael said – where have you seen/heard what he said about the situation? I have neither heard nor seen anything in his words, and would like to. Please share the links.
    I know that Bishop Michael is in pain from what is happening, hurting that Fr. Corapi resigned when he didn’t have to. I also know that Bishop Michael will do what he feels Christ is telling him to do, to follow Our Lord to the fullest. I am praying for him at this time, and ask that you, also, pray for Bishop Michael Mulvey as well as Fr/Mr John Corapi.

    1. He may be gentle, but he has a funny way of showing it. And i don’t really care what he appears as. I care about His Fruits.. And only time will prove or disprove them.


  18. Thanks for the comments everyone–I know this subject is a heated one. I think we’ve all had our say, so I’m closing comments on this post. Let’s continue to pray for all involved in this situation.

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