Blogs to Follow Friday: Comrades Edition

This week we look at blogs by comrades-in-blogging-arms:

The elusive Mr. Vandapool

Blog: A Catholic UNApologist
Author: Patrick Vandapool

Patrick is gifted with both a sharp wit and a sharp pencil. He’s got drawing skillz, comrade! I don’t know how to classify his art, but it makes me think Soviet-Politik-KGB-1984-nuclear holocaust.”

Patrick is an un-apologetic apologist, which is a good balance for me, since I’m always trying to point out what we Catholics can learn from Protestants and apologizing for all our Catholic screw-ups.  I guess I’m the apologetic apologist! In any event, check out his blog.

Marcel looking happy (but tough)

Blog: Aggie Catholics
Author: Marcel LeJeune

Okay, so this one is a no-brainer for me, because I am an Aggie Catholic! Marcel directs the Catholic campus ministry at (the illustrious) Texas A&M University, where yours truly earned his electrical engineering degree. In case you have been in Antarctica for the past ten years, St. Mary’s Student Center in College Station has produced more vocations and other holy people than practically every other college combined.*

Marcel keeps up with all kinds of stuff, including upcoming Aggie radio and TV appearances, and he also wrote a book about people’s lives changed by the Theology of the Body!

Jason Elizondo of ACNM

Blog: Austin Catholic New Media Group
Author: Various

Okay, so I have some holy envy about this one. You see, I would have been involved with this group had we not moved from Austin! It was just getting launched when we moved out of state, and now I just get the occasional postcard about the awesome things they are doing.

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom, as they just added several more bloggers who are also personal friends of mine! Austin is a great place and a blossoming bastion of Catholic life, and this group is serving the diocese by connecting the faithful through new media. Maybe they’ll make me an honorary member?

Comrades, please leave your comment listing other blogs that the State can wiretap and infiltrate publicize so that all may benefit from them.

* okay, I made this up, but seriously it’s almost true.
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