Video Parody: Hitler Rails Against Pope Benedict

I tried my hand at the “Hitler downfall meme” and made this video where Hitler learns that his strategies to undermine the Pope and his popularity, especially with Catholic youth, have utterly failed. (Here’s the link to the facebook video that you can share as well.)

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18 thoughts on “Video Parody: Hitler Rails Against Pope Benedict”

  1. Oh my gosh Devin, I just did a total spit-take with that!!! That is hilarious! {although you could take out the line about NT Wright and it would still be supremely funny; while I get it, up to that point there is nothing personal and that line was kind of personal}

  2. Trish and Frances, glad you liked it!

    I’ve got a lot of respect for NT Wright, so it wasn’t meant to be pejorative, but instead a truly consoling thought for the Anglicans. Also, one of my friends is a huge NT Wright fan, so it was a special hat tip toward him. Thanks!

  3. gotcha. second time I watched it I caught the context better (since you’d already done the Anglican thing LOL). no worries. I’m still cracking up!

  4. Blessings from Toronto, Ontario!! This video was amazing…I have forwarded the link to my email contacts and received great feedback!! Keep up the great work….your website is awesome as well. God bless you, Katie and the kids!!

  5. As a newcomer to this blog and as a faithful son of pope Benedict, I must sat that I find this video in very poor taste. I understand that there are people in the Church opposed to Benedict’s approach, and I will be the first to defend the Holy Father against their critiques, but likening fellow Catholics to Hitler and the Nazi’s is completely contrary to the spirit of Christian charity and truth pope Benedict has urged upon the faithful. If this is the way we intend to reach out to and reason with our disaffected brothers and sisters, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

  6. Thanks for your critique, James. I can happily tell you though that your concerns are unfounded.

    This video (and others like it) do not liken the subject to Hitler and the Nazis. The first video done was (I think) Hitler getting banned from XBox Live. One was done on Hitler finding out about the iPad and being disappointed with it. The humor is in the anachronism and the fact that Hitler is blowing his top about “insert subject here.”

    The purpose is not to liken the subject to the Nazis.

  7. Many thanks for your reply, Devman. I take your point about the genre of the video, but if I may borrow an expression of the Apostle, “Everything is lawful, but not everything is beneficial…Avoid giving offense, whether to Jews or Greeks or the church of God” (1 Cor 10:23, 32). As a graduate student in theology at the University of Notre Dame, I am engaged each day in conversations with disaffected, liberal Catholic colleagues and I work and pray, to the best of my very limited abilities, for their conversion to orthodoxy and Tradition. And I must say that parodies like these, though perhaps amusing for us, are offensive to them, and only hinder the efforts of people like me to converse charitably with those who are inclined to dissent (i.e., NCR subscribers). To my mind, to be instructed in the Tradition is not only a personal blessing; it is also a summons and a responsibility to share and hand on what we have received, in love, to all we meet, even and especially those we disagree with. And though your video may not have been intended to liken the subject to the Nazis, it can and indeed will be construed that way, especially by those unfamiliar with this type of video. As such, it is the sort of parody that closes down conversations, that reinforces the impression among liberals that we orthodox Catholics are self-satisfied and snide, that we are more interested in being right than in being charitable. Though this is not true, and though the video was merely meant to be amusing, it will nevertheless convey that impression to my disaffected colleagues and make it even harder to reason calmly with them about the beauty of our Tradition and the wisdom of our Holy Father. So, with respect and charity, I would ask you to consider carefully what impression parodies of this sort lend. Again, “Everything is lawful, but not everything builds up” (1 Cor 10:23).

  8. Devin,

    Great Video, I am not a huge fan of this Hitler movie scene, but the subtitles you inserted are pretty funny. I had to look up NT Wright, so I learned something too. I would do a pingback, but I don’t know how….

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