3 thoughts on “The New English Mass”

  1. Wait a minute, so does this mean that all of those months of wrangling are over? Is the new Missal completed and revised and approved?

    Because, if so, I can stop saying “And with your spirit” under my breath and can start saying it aloud. And, I am super excited to begin saying this beautiful phrase: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you under my roof but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

    Details, Devin darling. We need details.

  2. I just read more on the USCCB’s website and pretty much answered me own question. The little history section on the right sidebar is helpful.

    I was struck by the “2008, The Order of the Mass Approved” section because it mentioned that these texts were now available for musicians to begin setting them to music. And, I must confess that I had a horrible feeling that we will now be singing a David Haas rendition of the Mass parts with some campy tune (clapping and cowbell included) that kills the beautiful words. Can the Holy See preserve us from bad renditions of this beautiful new Missal?

  3. im happy abt the new website and new translation. but im confused abt us being in england- are the translations just for the usa? will the words in the Mass in england be slightly different? when we come back to the usa next summer, will we be confused by the new words?? i guess ill figure it out soon enough!

    and katie i just loved the cowbell!!! oh my, Heaven help us. (literally- wouldnt it be sooo cool to see one of the angels present during the Mass just remove the cowbell from the [surely well-intentioned] musician’s hands!!! ooooh!)
    hopefully the Holy See will preserve us from bad musical renditions of this new translation. esp ones that are impossible to sing and always changing every week.
    ok back to packing. 🙂

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