Take Lemons and Make Lemonade

My dear mother sews a quilt when each of her eight children has a major life event.  I received a quilt when I graduated from high school, and then Devin and I became eligible for a quilt when we married nearly three years ago.  Our quilt was only recently finished, however, because soon after our wedding came the arrival of many new grandchildren, who each get their own quilt, so ours had to wait a few years.

It is finished, however, and is just lovely.  And, what makes it especially lovely is that it nearly ended in disaster.  My mother finished the quilt in June and had it washed before giving it to us; during washing, many of the seams on the quilt dissolved, and the quilt began to fray in many places.

My mother employed her ingenuity well, though, and turned the dissolved seams into veritable works of art.  Look at the result.  Can you see what she used to cover the fraying edges?


A close-up of one of the squares
A close-up of one of the squares

I think the lace and ribbon take the quilt from being lovely to being a work of art.  How blessed I am to have a mother who gives us such treasures such that, even when she is gone to heaven, her grandchildren will know her by.

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