The Joy of the Resurrection Renews the Whole World!

Happy Easter dear friends and family! Christ is risen, hallelujah!

I receive the daily Gospel reflection emails from Legionary priests and consecrated (which anyone can sign up for), and here was part of today’s reflection that particularly struck me:

Imagine the Christian faith without the reality of the Resurrection of Christ. Good Friday would herald an altogether different message. It might inspire curiosity and sincere admiration among people, but it could not bring divine light to the human soul.

Without the reality of the Christ’s resurrection, the faith of countless of Christians would mean nothing and be pointless. A proof of his glorious resurrection is to see the invincible love practiced by so many thousands of men and women in bearing witness to Christ – facing countless obstacles and even heroically surrendering themselves to death. The living Christ himself has strengthened them.

Easter, like Christmas, is not just one day in the Catholic Church, but many days, celebrated joyfully throughout the world for the next 50 days, until Pentecost, when the Church celebrates its birthday, having been given the Holy Spirit and begun its mission to share the good news of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Is this perhaps the year when you will answer God’s call to enter into His life of love, hope, and joy?

For my part, I have made a resolution to only make positive blog posts throughout the next 50 days of Easter; it may be difficult because I am, after all, a melancholic temperament, but I will do my best to. 🙂

Christ be with you!

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