Installing Our Bees

Here is the video of Katie and me installing our bees.

We used some double-sided wall tape to try to tape the queen cage into the hive, but the cold weather and dampness made the sticky stuff not work well, so we had to jerry-rig it with a rubber band.

There were about 50 bees left in the package that didn’t get dumped into the hive, but these poor bees went into a small cluster in the package box because it was so cold. Katie and I felt bad, so we opened up the top cover over the feeder can, dumped most of the bees inside the hive and closed it up again.

Katie didn’t even wear her bee suit for this last maneuver, which was very brave!

4 thoughts on “Installing Our Bees”

  1. Thankfully, no stings! The bees were very docile because we had sprayed them with sugar water, allowing them to eat their fill and also because it was so cold and wet outside.

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