10 Year Reunion

Katie and I went to two events of my 10-year high school reunion yesterday! Wow, how amazing to get to see my old friends with whom I grew up, some of whom I had not had contact with since high school.
Some of my friends looked exactly the same as in high school. Most are now married and some have one or two children. It is really cool and somewhat strange to see these friends as husbands and fathers and wives and mothers now.
Katie and I won the award (tied) for Most Recently Married for our 2-week old marriage. We spent most of the evening talking with just a few people, as it is hard to get to talk at length with all the people you would like to at such an event. I was deeply struck by the goodness of my old classmates, especially in seeing them with their children and spouses.
And how cool it was to introduce Katie as my wife–she was a dream through the night, talking with my old friends like they were her own, listening to them tell stories about me, being with me at this happy event.
At the end of it, we got in our car and I drove us home–together–and we remarked how different it would have been to have gone to the reunion alone, without each other, unmarried, and we agreed it would have been sad. But instead, we have each other in marriage, and we do everything as one. My friends met me and my wife, the couple that God has joined together in holiness.
God bless them all, and may He guide them to true happiness in life unto eternity!