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Our friend and Gerardo’s fiancee, Roxy, started a blog recently! You can find it at the site, Roxy writes in Spanish, so if you know a little Spanish, it is good practice to read. If you know no Spanish, you can at least get the gist of what she is writing about by using the babelfish to translate her posts.
The babelfish translation is sometimes nonsensical, as you can see from this translation of her post on when she came to dinner with Richard at me and Katie’s home last night! 😉
Today I occurred to account the hollow that there is in Austin when not this Gerald. Richard and I am those that but we realize. Richard because the this single house… talvez for not this so badly. But I… do not speak with Gerald by the MSN while I am in class, neither receipt its call to the 6:00PM when she leaves the work, nor we were together to the HEB Tuesday to fill half of the cart for my house and other half for its house nor does not speak either with before sleeping me to say together and to say to us ‘ good night’… Gerald this to the other side of the world… as soon as Monday went away and or the extrano. But thanks to that not this, Devin and Katie invited to me to have supper! And also they invited Richard. And we very passed us father in the new residence of the “Rose”. I am sure that Gerald had wanted to also go, but this fulfilling its responsibilities in the work. Asi that I cannot be complained… I have a working fiancè. And although sometimes extrane because this it go, I thank to him to God because it is going to return and I am going it to be hoping with the open arms.
And here is the translation of my recent post to Spanish and then back to English:
Howdy, Now I am a married, united man like one with Catherine! Today she was my third posteriora part of the day in the work after our wedding and honeymoon and also the third day that I have brought my lunch to work instead of going down and to request it of the cafeteria. This cannot look like as a great distribution, but to me he is, because by last the 6 years, I have eaten my lunch in the coffee, generally something unhealthy like an enormous hamburger, ring of the onion, and a coke of 20 ounces. But now, my beautiful wife, Catherine, do the supper every night to me and later she packs the surpluses to me in tupperware to eat the following day! It is so impressive that with excited himself before going to eat the lunch every day, because the meals of Katie I prove that the cafeteria far better and also because we are portions of the money saving bringing surpluses. Also, Katie packs a good breakfast each morning to me, so we saved the money there also. The pictures of the wedding are next, and also video-we hope of me and the dance of Katie. Jordan and Tammy threw to the video of the very abundant dance.
It’s all so clear now! Thank you, babelfish.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! A great way to keep up w/ Roxy and see all the fun fotos, and a good way for me to practicar me espanol!

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