Credit Where It’s Due

I was thinking this morning about the many blessings Devin and I received during our wedding weekend. So many people worked so hard to make it a beautiful, sacred celebration. I was quite the queen of delegation, you see! 🙂
My sister, Courtney, was responsible for the reception decorations, and she did an amazing job with that red-and-white striped tent, working throughout the morning of our wedding day, with her crew of grrom and groomsmen, to offer a beautiful setting. My dad and brothers were responsible for setting up the area for the pig roast, digging a fire pit and arranging hay bales and shredding many pounds of meat. My mom baked dozens of bride-shaped cookies for our “Deming visitors’ kits” and made pounds of potato salad. Mom Rose and Heather peeled innumerable potatoes and wrapped bridesmaid gifts and stuffed “visitors’ kits.” Everyone worked so hard and so generously!
In addition, we received help from heavenly friends who pulled some major strings in heaven. Our Lady of Cana was our “wedding coordinator” extraordaire; many of our wedding guests commented on the simplicity and harmony of our wedding day, and I KNOW that was not my doing. 🙂 Just as at Cana, I’m sure She told Her Son that we “had no more wine”–every day, in fact–and worked daily to bless us with a most beautiful Nuptial Mass and reception.
Also, St. Joseph as responsible for bringing Devin and I together, after years of waiting; he must be the best match-maker ever, considering our journeys to become one! Thanks to St. Therese of Lisieux for obtaining the perfect weather, sunny during photos and, then, a little rain to cool it off for our tent reception. Finally, St. Maria Goretti was a faithful friend in helping me to have a lovely lace jacket for my strapless dress, with the assistance of one special seamstress; she is still teaching me so much about chastity and modesty.
In the end, the wedding was more joyful and lovely and harmonious that any of us would have imagined. Great job, team! YKC!