The Foxtrot

(Note that Devin made this post from Katie’s computer, thus it says Katie as the author incorrectly)
Well, Katie and I had planned for it to be a secret, but neither one of us is too good at holding big surprises in, so a week or two ago we decided to tell our friends and family that we are going to do a special dance for our first dance at the reception.

I am not a dancer and before this set of lessons had never had any dance lessons except for square dance which we did at elementary school in College Station from 1st through 4th grade, so I feared that I would not be able to learn how to dance in the few months leading up to our wedding.
Fortunately, we found a very nice dance studio here in Austin called Go Dance and an excellent instructor named Jennifer. We signed up for a set of private lessons that are part of a “wedding package” they have cleverly put together. Jennifer is choreographing our entire dance to the song we chose, and it has been very cool.
Katie and I had planned on doing a waltz, but Jennifer suggested we learn the foxtrot. I had heard of the foxtrot but couldn’t have told you what kind of a dance it was before we started the lessons. Still, Jennifer made a good case for it over the waltz, so we chose it. Then we dove right in! I was quite surprised by how easy the basic steps are–it’s pretty much just walking to a particular beat.
We have now done one intro lesson and three full lessons, and I am getting the hang of it! Katie has all the hard parts and is doing fantastic at them, which I expected given her dancing experience and her general elegance :), and my main job, I have learned, is to put her in focus instead of myself, which is fine by me.
So if, like me, you have been afraid of dancing your entire life, fear no longer! If I can dance having never done it before, you can, too. I recommend taking group classes with a partner (even just a friend or maybe a friend you wouldn’t mind getting to know better ;)) and going for it!
Oh, just in case you’re interested, we are dancing to Frank Sinatra’s “It Had to Be You”.