The Obligatory Catholic Blog Da Vinci Code Post

What’s a Catholic blog without a post about the Da Vinci Code?
I have not read this book. I do not plan on seeing the movie. I don’t think you should read it or see it, either. Why?
Because I am afraid that you will learn that the Church has been hiding secrets from you in order to keep you from living the good life for centuries?
I will neither read nor see it, and I encourage you not to do so as well because the fact is that Jesus Christ established his Church and He desires what is best for you, and He created His Church for the express purpose of teaching you the truth of yourself and the universe so that you can live the truly good life and live it eternally in Heaven.
The odds of someone, Dan Brown or Charlie Brown, figuring something out about the spiritual life that Jesus Christ did not reveal and has not taught in His Church are 0.0%.

Look, I could have written a book full of lies and half-truths about the Catholic Church and sold it on and made the NYTimes best seller list and become a millionaire, too. Why didn’t I? Because I don’t feel like cooperating with Satan in leading God’s children away from Him and signing my own one-way ticket to Hell, which is where Dan Brown is in grave danger of going if he does not repent and BEG forgiveness from God.
I will give Dan Brown, his publishing company, and Sony Pictures $0 of my money. If you want to read stuff that isn’t true but purports to be (all disclaimers by Dan Brown aside), I can give you a list of books to read that will keep you occupied for the rest of your life and lead you away from God. That’s not hard to do. What’s hard is writing a book that will profit you by leading you closer to our Lord. It’s a lot easier to destroy a house than it is to build one.
I also encourage you to do what Barb Nicolosi suggests and go see another movie on opening night of the DVC. It’s like a war of attrition, and anything we can licitly do to fight against this book and movie is worthwhile.