Surprised by Joy (ie. Devin)

When I awoke Friday morning, April 21, I did not imagine that I would be Devin’s betrothed by nightfall. I was blissfully unaware as I sat in Adoration that morning, praying that Devin have a blessed day, that Jesus was smiling to Himself with the knowledge of Devin’s true location. I had no clue, when I left school at 3:50, that Devin was driving around Deming in a baseball cap and sunglasses, to hide from my eyes in this small town.

No clue. How delightful! 🙂 So, how did it come to pass that I was engaged to Devin by Friday evening? Well, read on.

Earlier in the week, my parents invited me to dinner with them Friday evening at Palma’s Italian Restaurant, where Devin and I had shared our first meal. How fun! Friday evening came, and we had just arrived at our table at Palma’s when the cell rang; Dad handed it to me. It was Devin–yay! “Why don’t you go talk outside, Katie?” Dad suggested. Okay.

I carried the phone outside on the sidewalk, the place where I had first met Devin, where he began to speak in a sober voice. “Katie, lately we’ve been discussing engagement, and I want to tell you that I’m just not ready. I’m not totally sure of God’s will, and I need more time.” My heart sank; was Devin preparing to break up with me? I tried to calmly reply that I appreciated his honesty, but, before I could say more, Devin said, “Well, now I don’t need any more time,” and ended our call.

Suddenly, he was behind me, wearing a tie and holding roses and grinning broadly. Devin? Devin!

In the space of a breath, my reeling brain halted on the “We’re going to break up” track and switched gears to “I’m receiving a proposal.”

Next, the realization penetrated that Devin was reciting Hosea: “I will betroth you to myself forever” which we had read for Lent together.

Then, he was kneeling. “Katie, will you marry me?”

Thankfully, I had already clearly discerned my reply should Devin ask for my hand, or I might have said nothing, so great was my shock. 🙂 But, I had discerned and was able to reply, “In the name of Jesus Christ, through the help of Our Lady and St. Joseph, I will marry you.” Then, Dad was snapping photos, and we were hugging, and there was general hullabaloo.

It was wonderful and exhilarating and romantic! Yet, underneath all the excitement, a deep peace rested and still remains. I will be Devin’s wife in Christ, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. This is a holy call from God. We are honored to oblige. YKC!

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  1. i can say i knew long ago. I have photos of when the ring arrived. Ill give them to Devin a little later

    I camped out for an hour at the local Dairy Queen wearing a “Esso-Angola” cap that I borrowed from Gerardo and my sunglasses. The people at the DQ were eyeing me funny since I didn’t take them off inside the restaurant, and I generally looked like a sneaky fellow that afternoon, surreptiously looking up at every person who walked in to make sure it wasn’t Katie.
    Blessed be God forever! Thank you for all your prayers. I have about 6 months to prepare to be Katie’s husband and head and to be prepared to sacrifice for her and give my life for her, to sanctify her! And what an honor it will be–beyond all telling–to make a sincere gift of myself to her and to receive the gift of her very self. Come, Holy Spirit: with you all things are possible!

  3. Hey, I have been reading this blog for so long… I must say a huge congrats to you both, but also that
    Im praying for u cos ur story has touched me as one that is true n good. 🙂
    Katie, I am currently going to Europe for studies. N Im curious about Regnum
    Christie…can u tell me something more about it? How has it helped u… Im really longing to find
    a group of Catholic women to share with…!!!!!!!

  4. Catherine and Devin,
    Hello! I have had you both on my mind so much, and have been praying for you. I just received Danielle Rose’s CD “I Thirst” on Saturday (I LOVE it!) and was excited to see the photo of the two of you on your wedding day in the booklet. I’ve been wanting to try to contact you, and then thought about your love story, so I found your blog!! Catherine, you had written a note to me, I think in May, that you were expecting. I was so sad to read that your little one has gone on to heaven without first resting in your hands. I am so sorry. I pray God has given you comfort.
    Your anniversary is coming up. Your wedding was so beautiful – I will never forget it. It was so beautiful, so perfect, so Christ-centered, as I’m sure your life together is.
    So I mainly wanted to say hello, and let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you both.

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