I work with many interesting people. I believe God loves all of them. Most of them do not share my belief in Jesus Christ. When I first began full-time work after graduating from college in early 2001, I was afraid to put up anything on my cube walls (like posters or even pictures of my friends and family), mainly because I felt I needed to prove myself first at work and not “make myself at home” until I had been there for a good while.

After a year or so, I got more comfortable and started decorating the inside of my cube with pictures and what-not. Eventually, I started putting some stuff up along the outer walls of my cube that anyone who passed by would encounter. I didn’t put up much Catholic-specific stuff for a long while, though most of my coworkers knew I was Catholic because we had lots of conversations about religion.

Finally, I grew in boldness and put up very Catholic articles and pictures outside my cube. It was cool because it opened up lots of good conversations with my coworkers about God, religion, politics, and life. Now my coworker across from my cube, who is a liberal atheist (I would say), puts up lots of leftist liberal articles and pictures outside his cube, so our cube walls face off each day. With interest we read each others’ propaganda and debate differences in our beliefs.

So if you workplace allows it, or at least doesn’t proscribe it, I encourage you to put up the Catholic propaganda!

For an example, outside my cube at the moment is an article by Mark Shea about the foolishness of the statement “You Can’t Legislate Morality”, a batik from India of Blessed Mother Theresa, pictures from the National Catholic Register of John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger with young people cheering and crying around them.

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