Religious Phoney Baloney?

Got this postcard invitation yesterday:


So how do we know whether this guy is teaching us the Real Jesus or more phoney baloney?

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11 thoughts on “Religious Phoney Baloney?”

    1. That article was a bit confusing in and of itself.

      Christians are free. freed by Christ from religious ladder climbing, and freed for the love of God, and the neighbor.

      “Who are we”? We are ourselves. Whomever that might be. God made us like the snowflakes…no two are alike.

      1. To me, it’s actually pretty clear. If Christianity is true, and Protestantism is true (i.e. Catholicism is not), and different denominations can’t agree with each other what Christianity is, but they see each other as Christian, then dogma must not really matter and we have to live with the “fact” that God left us orphans on this world, and we can be sure of nothing in this world except for God’s love if we have faith in him.

        You really need to be an outsider (or have been an outsider) as the author of the dissertation is to truly understand. Catholics can’t see it because we see Protestantism as being true when it agrees with us and false where it doesn’t. Die-hard Protestants can’t see the problem because ultimately they do a lot of selective seeing and selective reading of the Bible. It’s possible since community plays such a big part of Protestant churches, that it’s easy to get distracted by friendship and ironically the good work the community is doing.

        Getting back to the main article, her observation really does strike at the heart of what Devin is saying. If Catholicism is false, there is no objective way to know that this guy really is teaching “True Christianity” and not a “Tradition of Man”. Just because a message is more abrasive and less wishy washy doesn’t mean it’s true or the complete truth. Here’s an example from a so-called conservative Bible translation project:

        Are “the woman caught in adultery” and “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” wishy washy liberal falsehoods or are they the Truth? If you’re not Catholic (or Orthodox), how can you really be sure?

        1. You can be sure (that you are forgiven), because that Word of forgiveness actually does something to you. It creates and sustains faith. And that is true if you are a Catholic, or a Methodist, or a Bapatist.

          Christ knows His sheep and His sheep know His voice.

  1. By what he says. What comes out of the preacher’s mouth is of utmost importance.

    By the looks of this guy’s card, it seems to me that unfortunately it all may revolve around ‘you’…instead of the gospel and what Christ has done for us.

    The word “revival” smacks of ’emotionalism’. Not a good sign

  2. So he knows how to really meet God. Would it have killed him to also learn the rules of grammar?

  3. Loved the book, but I have a question: on p. 138, regarding the doctrine of closed revelation. Isn’t that supported in scripture by Rev.22:18-19? Thanks for clarifying.

    1. Barbara,

      Those verses in revelation are referring only to the book of Revelation itself. Similar verses are found in Deuteronomy 4 and 12. So none of these verses can be used to support the closure of public revelation in total.

      Jude 3 is a stronger verse, speaking of the faith delivered to the saints once for all, but using even that verse to mean no new books of the Bible would be inspired is problematic. For one thing, unless Jude were the last book of the Bible to be written (which is highly doubtful) then the verse would prove too much by excluding any further inspired books.

      God bless!

  4. Ahhhh. Sweet irony!

    Yes come to the revival WHICH WE ARE SCHEDULING and prepare for the REAL Jesus. No phoney baloney. Really, we promise.

    When I was a Pentecostal, I went to a number of these revivals. The main idea is to get everybody emotionally reved up and to have a preacher other than their pastor. But in the end, the “evangelist” leaves town, you go back to your own bed at night, look at your same face in the mirror, and the excitement dies down.

    Point being: You can’t schedule a revival! It is the work of the Holy Spirit!

  5. “So how do we know whether this guy is teaching us the Real Jesus or more phoney baloney?”

    Well, he’s got a suit and tie. Everybody in suits and ties can be trusted, right? (Guess what I wear when I teach Intro to Philosophy?) 😉

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